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  1. This is a New Guild meaning. i'm clearly the only member in the guild but with time and effort put in this guild i know there will be more members in the future. now this guild is about helping others to understand Any RPG help them out and also to meet people who have the same interest as you.joining this guil means your part of the family. we do Raids,Dungeons etc, I Am Currently new in the game so i hope i can meet player who is interested in joining. Yes this guild is what you think it is just simply to put it is a Brony guild but if your not a hater and is a non brony you can join too. (Is there any Rules to join the Guild?) There are a Few. #1:If You are interested in joining my Guild my PSN ID Is RainbowDash--2 just send me a text there and tell me why you want to join. #2:Don't Insult your guild mates. if you lost a pvp while playing with your guild mate and think there at fault to blame them or yourself just keep it cool and remember you can try again. also remember you guild mate are here to help. #3:Pick your Role. if you are the leader of the group to clear a dungeon firstly try comunicate with your guild mates and see what class they are. if you have and try make a strategy to clear the dungeon. #4:If you have guild member in your group and you can see he is new in the game and dont know what to do, help him out and teach him the ropes of the game. see what class he is using and teach him what you know about the class. #5:Respect your Guild Master. i understand if your joking around or messing around but when in meetings or playing a Dungeon or Raid you have to Concentrate and pay attention. #6:Playstation Only i apologize for Xbox players and Pc Players out there but i only have the Game for Playstation. if by any chance we can work something out read Rule #9. #7:Dont Pick on the Rookie or Insult them if by any chance your new and any member is rude towards you PM The Guild Master it will be attended ASAP. That goes to every member if someone in the guild is Rude and doesnt take nothing serious contact the Guild master. #8 Ranking System If By Any chance you want to be the Right hand man of the Guild master and be help out the guild or be the leader of the Group on PvP You need to leave a message and convice the guild master if you are worthy. #9:If you are PC Player or Xbox Player please Contact me on Discord and we can talk about who can be Guild Master on different platform but by any chance i'm on the same platform the host of the guild need to back down their rank as co guild master. #10:Role Playing is Allowed. #11:Meetings and Discussing if by any chance you cant join in the meeting just contact the leader or their Right hand to inform your in middle of a raid or Dungeon or some personal stuff in IRL. we can leave a message to a guild mate so he or she can talk about it to you towards what happen in the meeting. Now like said this is a New freshly Guild i hopeit will turn big guild soon. if you are interested Leave a message at my psn or at Discord.