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  1. Oof. Anyway, considering how much time it has passed, it would've been a bit better for them to do some sort of damage control (hell, even now could be even a decent time to put it out!), and thinking how everything is extremely broken and buggy, e.g. Sarysa's sub- / plugin for Starlight Glimmer is not working like it's supposed to, whilst other hales that have this capability are still well with it. Minions (Chrysalis and Pinkie Pie) are broken and invisible if the player has any sort of cosmetic equipped. HHH also has this issue (this requires to have no cosmetics also, and have any grenade launcher, as well as a Festive Charge n' Targe.). And for a summary, there are many things that need to be updated and fixed in the server, but progress wise, it's not going to happen anytime soon, and recent stuff such as the servers not being able to detect your Steam ID and so on that have popped in, there would be no real chance for me to see any sort of light shining towards the server unless there will be someone that has been added to the staff that has the ability to code, model, etc. for the server, but alas if nothing ever of that happens, I'd only say that the server will be just left to rot.
  2. Or just anything that's technically and hilariously broken cough able to pick up ammo with spells now and them having no downsides what so ever in EU triple cough Tho. >Implying "something" could be fixed if we let it out on the forums
  3. Ya boi only just found out that you can enable status updates from the settings.


  4. It has been hell of a delay, and I honestly doubt that the hale would be released any time soon due to the post of this hale is straight outta November in 2016, but that's just me I guess.