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  1. If you've played on VSP you have all the files except the server files/code. And if you were to do a revive you would need concent with all the previous devs who have worked on stuff, source all used media, etc. Idk if it would be possible to pull off or not Best bet you would have is to make custom stuff which could take a long time and Apologies for this but I personally can't work on the server myself. Both College and time away from the Source Engine is what stops me from working on a project like this.
  2. Ever since the main Dev team left (me, No Name and Sarysa) it's been dead. For longer then that since Raini never added any of our stuff so I would say about 2-3 years now
  3. So.. I doubt people remember me since I got banned nearing two years ago and I was one of the devs for the server. (I made an account just to post in this thread and I'll probably be banned again immediately for posting this) Me (Scootz), No Name and Sarysa created bosses for this server. Proof: (or ask No Name since I'll be posting this to him) I was the head designer, I couldn't model or code so I left that to No Name and Sarysa. and the reason for my ban was "Doomsaying" the server due to the incompetence of the head admins. This server has been in the Trash for much longer before I got banned and it all started when the admins stopped really caring about it. We used to have models that we had to wait 8 months before even being added and some not even added at all which made the experience for the players a whole lot more boring since we had a bunch of ideas we were willing to create and make for the server so it would live on past its expiration date, however, Raini and Simple never cared enough to implement everything we had for this server.(We had a completely updated chrysalis model, class model updates, new hales and even updates to old hales) They would never listen to the community for feedback, gave all the power to the admins to do everything except actually work on the server itself so content was never there and people who WANTED to work on the server were ignored. So pretty much, this server is dead due to the lack of support from the head admins, Raini and Simple. They have been terrible server owners throughout their years running this server and in my opinion, even though I loved this server very much back in the day and would play every day an animal needs to be put down eventually.