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  1. i'm actually watching a few newer eps of mlp for the first time in like over 3 years. pretty weird how things come full circle


    also hi

  2. is it me i'm looking for

    1. Karlamena


      No, I don't think so :<

    2. Whatever You Want

      Whatever You Want

      Clear up your inbox, I tried sending you a PM but your inbox is apparently too full to accept it.

    3. Cha
  3. i feel it in my bones

  4. oh hey kumar is a sea pony

  5. do you like milk

    1. PBandJ Commando

      PBandJ Commando

      Yes, because it goes well with my sandwiches.

    2. Zari Puff
    3. Fuyu Robin

      Fuyu Robin

      Milk makes your bones strengthen from the calcium inside the milk

  6. yay Hetalia rules

  7. hi

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    2. PyRoMaNcEr


      stay outta my shed

    3. The_Mr_Kumar


      I think Cha is past the point of ponies, pyromancer... so, yeah.....

    4. Cha
  8. If I was a rich man, with a million or two.

  9. Got a (tiny) picture of the solar eclipse tonight.