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  1. So I finally came back after moving house, and the first thing I do is login to TF2 and see if I can finally play the gamemode. But when I logged in and checked the custom servers which I have put on my faves, I couldn't find it, like at all, no matter how specific I made the search. So I checked here and apparently the servers itself, all of them are gone, vanished without a trace or way to bring it back. So can I have confirmation that it is definitely, completely gone? On the bright side, this site is still here.
  2. I don't think it's gonna disappear anytime soon. \but who knows?
  3. I'm in, Yessss.
  4. So I just joined this community and I wanted to join a game. Now problem is when I connect to the Texas servers, it says "Failed to connect after 4 retries". When I joined the Japan servers, it says that the server I'm trying to connect to is running an old version of the game. In which I just recently updated, So question is, if it's the former (which I highly Doubt), how do I fix it? And if it's the latter, are the servers not updated yet?
  5. I'll go and see
  6. And that's why I wanted to join. If they see someone, even if it's one person. They'll join. I can't do that because I got no idea how to fix my issue.
  7. For everyone or me? Cause the number of players are still an absolute, definitive 0.