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  1. Who knows what will happen here in a few years?

    1. Pinkamena1


      There will be tumble weeds in your place

  2. I wonder what one day will happen with this site
  3. Yeah apparently it seems creating new account is also broken or how did you exactly make a alt account? My friend did try and wasn't able to do
  4. I miss the gamemode

    1. Pinkamena1


      lol we all do but what can we do now? TT

    2. kimos


      Trying to make something ourselves

    3. kimos


      It's not hard to make a FF2 server and add some custom Bosses Hope rainy will come Back

  5. its sad to see original server down But we still can play the same mode on another server i found it doesnt not have all features like the original server does but the pony model they have here is the ip I wish the original server will return
  6. It should work now use the us funbox server
  7. Eu and japan server Stucks while parsing game info on any computer i did try
  8. Try again connect If it still doesnt work try to use a vpnand try agaim
  9. Try again connect If it still doesnt work try to use a vpnand try agaim
  10. Sometimes i notice that the server did even play quake sound
  11. I recently played ponyville and did notice that the server did have Quake sound
  12. very interesting story
  13. i noticed that if you look on the server tab you always see 0 players even when you refresh wenn you join the server you see players in the game but the server tabs always remain 0 so in my opinion join the server and look if players are on the server dont trust the 0 player in the server tab