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  1. Try again connect If it still doesnt work try to use a vpnand try agaim
  2. Sometimes i notice that the server did even play quake sound
  3. I recently played ponyville and did notice that the server did have Quake sound
  4. very interesting story
  5. i noticed that if you look on the server tab you always see 0 players even when you refresh wenn you join the server you see players in the game but the server tabs always remain 0 so in my opinion join the server and look if players are on the server dont trust the 0 player in the server tab
  7. Looks like There are now traffic back on the server The server Seems to be updated now not to the latest update but to a newer version of the game
  8. Well there is a tutorial on youtube how you make fix this issue search for tf2 ponyville server fix an follow the video download the file in description