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  1. If the list gets too big I would be afraid of the servers never coming back lol and remain "under construction" for eternity. I'm glad there is at least interest to bring them back. I'm not adding anything to the list because I usually just shrugged most of the smaller issues off as long as it was somewhat playable and I didn't get disconnected for no reason. Ponies is what got me into TF2 to begin with and the pony servers are my favorite ones to play on. I totally support vsp coming back and would even welcome the emergence of any new pony servers that were similar to the ones that used to exist around 2011-2012 that completely died and disappeared a long time ago.
  2. Cool story. Very touching lol. Iv'e always loved the pony servers and usually are the ones I had the most fun playing on. I'm still confused if they are actually functioning or what. Gametracker always shows all of them as completely dead which is why I haven't bothered going on. If they are actually up might have to try going on some time.
  3. Really? About how many on average are on usually? Or is it just some random dude?