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  1. Propane Nightmares - Pendulum
  2. Attempted to go 1 on 1 soldier with my friend in MGE. My big mistake: I used school internet. Not only is he miles better than me but lagging out every 7 seconds doesn't help anything. Never seen a guy with such perfect airshots before....
  3. Singing Bohemian Rhapsody after 2 long islands is a poor decision. I hope there were no camera's.

    1. nope



  4. Selling: Festive Rocket Launcher - 4 keys Festive Wrench - 2 keys 2x Strange Equalizer - 1 rec each S Flame Thrower - 2 rec legend of bugfoot - 2 scrap steel-toed stomper - 2 scrap B-ankh! - 2 scrap
  5. Soldier Secondary The Padded Sole Boots Reduces fall damage from rocket jumps by 75% Original idea was intended to be used with the rocket jumper/market gardener for those people who aren't quite good at aiming their body yet.
  6. I'm fine with pay once play forever but subscription costs are a no-go for me. Many a game I've had to refrain from playing with friends because of the subscription fee. It's not so much I hate monthly fee's, I simply can't afford it.
  7. You don't need those 12 dollars, some poor homeless writer does. Buy it.
  8. Interesting way of letting me know my grammatical screw ups. This is what happens when I try to think intelligently when I miss a night of sleep. But yes, if they stick true to the racial attributes they have in the previous then lore will help with countering other players. But this is nothing a little bit of reading can't fix. i wonder if it's possible to make impossible to play characters like in the others. I always had fun seeing how far I could get as a vampire High Elf born under the sign of the lord. Regardless of what the outcome we decide, I'm taking part in that deathmatch(assuming I can afford the subscription cost should there be one) for the sheer fact that I absolutely love free-for-all's.
  9. skill in the game doesn't equal the nerd, the amount of knowledge on lore and what not does imo. I'd say go through with the deathmatch, but winner is Ponyville TES Emperor. :P
  10. 3 words: lemon meringue pie MMMM MMMM
  11. It honestly depends for me. I've been in games where my team is far outmatched and I've stuck with it because there was just something about the players on their team that managed to keep it fun for me. But then there's the those matches with, say, 2 die-hard sticky spammers with their kritzkrieg pocket medics who are all about wracking up points no matter who they piss off in the process, resulting in the match being a competitive timer waiting game. When I see that, I don't even wait for things to get bad, I just show myself to a new server because I have no need to let myself get upset by someone else's game ruining antics.
  12. I've already read TVTropes on all the TES games. Even the spinoffs. My god I believe I've found a TES nerd bigger than me.
  13. For the first time in my 1.2k hours playing I FINALLY got to experience the magic that is playing a soldier pocketed by a kritz medic. As unfair as that match turned out to be, it was oddly and morbidly satisfying to fire my rocket and kill 4 people. Then the next map came around and everyone left, making me feel responsible and bad. :S
  14. batches be stealin mah audiosurf scores!