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  1. everything just kinda went down as time went on.
  2. all downhill from here.
  3. as long as you're not spamming ":D", you're ok in my book. Also, hi.
  4. ah, yes. the sweet sounds of my salty roommate is always something to wake up to.

    1. Tuil5


      Still better then Sounds of Drill 

  5. In public, it's brought up time to time. The few shirts i still have i wear at home for bed. Can't say I'm ashamed, but I just don't enjoy here people follow up with "oh god." I also just bought myself the 3-Movie bundle of Equestria Girls, and i still have a few pins on my jacket, soo uhh... I'm hanging around in the caboose of this train, you know?
  6. Made into 3rd place at a Win-A-Case Event for Dragon Ball Z. feels good. How to make it better? I went against the meta.

  7. You get the following: I put in an arcade token
  8. i remember seeing the trailer for STRAFE, and i loved it along with the website. Slowly following them and watching for updates.
  9. pretty much back from the dead.... kinda.

  10. Banned for
  11. 80s Thrash Metal, NA and level 30. Played a lot of singed early on. I still enjoy him, and i'm kind of a jack of all trades after being put in every lane. I just don't enjoy mid and adc as much as the other lanes.
  12. > u>
  13. Limits