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  1. Chicken
  2. A rare sighting, don't miss out!

    1. Starabella


      Would one of those rare sightings just so happen to be that one admin that is never on, and yet still has power for some reason? :P

    2. The_Mr_Kumar


      I think you're talking about Papper, Star.

  3. one
  4. Invite playoffs were awsome this year barring the whole no LAN thing, super excited to see how the yuros stack up. I especially want to see TLR, even though they dont have shadowburn they got alfa, a former Ascent member, to ring. This is looking to be the most competitive summer i-Series yet. Danger Dogs to take the world by storm and win i55
  5. skeletons
  6. So anyone else still watchin Kill la Thrill? If you haven't the plot basically got laid out and we had actual blood for the first time.
  7. I'm a lil late to the party but I'll throw my 2 cents in anyway. As someone who only ever came for the vanilla servers, I think it'd be a shame to see Cali go. However, I don't really know if I can justify keeping it. I'm aware of the declining population, and that those who remain are really only there to screw around with the pony models on the votemap. Often I would have to use the equalizer/rocketjumper workaround so I could break a box by myself in order to get a map, and after the map changed 80% of the people would leave. I usually get my friends to play on it when I'm on but it usually ends up being just the 4 or 5 of us after a map or two. Because of that, I've been going on less and less. I think map selection is another part of it, as the only map I've seen played that I didn't vote for in the past 6 months is whalerace, which has been broken for a long time. Sticking to more vanilla maps isn't always a bad thing. I think removing the votemap would be for the best because it seems to attract players who don't want vanilla at all, even though I like having it around so that you aren't limited to 6 or so options. I think if you want to try and revive it going full quickplay is really the only option. I don't think removing reserved slots is a good thing, but like Kenyon said, the server has to be full for it to matter anyway. I'm sure there's some other cosmetic perks (like the particle trails) that might be cool to have for donors, just so there's something outside round-end immunity. There are plenty of vanilla server communities that need donations and thrive (like rxg), so it's not like it can't be done. We just need to get players interested in playing the game. Also if you want I can throw up some map/mod suggestions that I've seen on other servers.
  8. I'm 7 eps in and this is by far my favorite set of characters in a show. I even love the ones I hate (lookin at you Ladd), and I can't get enough of the goofy robber couple.
  9. Did Space Dandy get better after the first 2 episodes? I haven't been keeping up. Just picked up Welcome to the NHK and Baccano! though, Baccano looks really good. Also the only non-cookie cutter anime is Dead Leaves.
  10. Nunnaly was Lelouch's moral compass, at least it gives him a tad more depth than the bored genius fighting the evil corrupt people. I do agree that it causes him to make bad decisions, esp the one you mentioned, but even that was slightly justified because of VV. It's not like Ohgi or Suzaku didn't do any worse.
  11. I'd check out Code MENT Fluffy, one off my favorite abridged series. Geass was a fun ride even if Rollo was dumb. Also share your gripes because spoiler tags.
  12. moved, yo
  13. That image is not ok
  14. I got a 6 #lambasted