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    2. Screwsies


      Wyw, you know if you just pet them alot as either side, that's the side they go to right? No need to bully them :(

    3. Whatever You Want

      Whatever You Want

      But being nice is boring.

    4. Screwsies


      ;_; ur meen u twat

  1. Oh, the nostalgia
  2. We'll film it during the Road Trip
  3. And then Pon becomes a wizard and saves some Brazilian dude.
  4. It's been a long time since I've posted my drawings anywhere on this forum. Let's change that with an old concept drawing from a few months ago! If you can't see much, then turn up the freaking brightness on your monitor; there's more than a few red splotches here
  5. Is that purple and black hair? You have good taste, my friend!
  6. Try embedding. Ex: [ video ] (video url) [ /video ] (leave out the spaces in the brackets)
  7. Well, the tread has been bumped, so I'll put something in for funsies. My cousin's back from Texas Tech University, and he's living with me for a week while he's in San Diego. So that's cool, he's one of the only cousins that I like. I also get a new Ukulele yesterday :3
  8. Since it's Independence Day, I figured I'd listen to the anthem of the military branch that I plan to join.
  9. Finally, I'm starting to draw again!

    1. Sonic Rain

      Sonic Rain

      =D I can't wait to see your pictures ^_^