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  1. my future mother in law got me Plumsweet, I must say I give her A for effort (so proud that she knew what gen n stuff to find) & Me Gusta

  2. too pumped for tomorrow, I need to CALM DOWN haha x]

  3. ahhh good point!!!! that is a nice difference!!! team elements of harmony is unstoppable ;D
  4. College is purer and more intense competition, but well yeah hence why i don't really like football or basketball, but hockey isn't so messed up ^^'...(btw thanks for the bday wishes or however I am supposed to word that!)
  5. watch this to the sounds of Party With Pinkie soooo addicting and lol-ful...@_@
  6. fluttertree > Appletree ?
  7. *derpy in ancient alien guy pose* ()F=() (6_9) (_)__(_) Muffins (i tried =_= lol fail)
  8. Naruto is indeed overrated. I actual liked all the Star Wars movies. Episodes 1-3 weren't horrible. Angelina Jolee is fake and I can't stand her. MTV is a disgrace. The Jersey shore where I used to live wasn't half bad or super guido. Then again I was in middle school with Bon Jovi and Bruce Springsteen's kids. Anime is better than American Animation I will always have days where I go back to listening to A*Teens & Britney Spears Snowboarding is for tourists and posers. Skiing rules ;P I really dislike all New England teams. Fruit Basket was a waste of time I'd rather play Borderlands than any other 1st person shooter. I like hockey the best of all sports Football is overrated and overpayed I want disney musicals again with love in it again. I have seen the Twilight movies and didn't hate it immensely, though didn't think it was worth the money either. I used to like Glee, til it drastically got horrible. I didn't like House much Never saw LOST except the last episode I was the kid who waited for years for the Jurassic Park 4 Extinction to be made lol I read spoilers...a lot. then again I get so confused a lot so I need it heh
  9. eeesh, that's photoshopped...riiiight? 0_0' ....also I know it's not anime, but it wanted to be ish...I think if DC made an epic version of the Teen Titans, the Terra arc from the show would be cool. Then again I love the whole girl with overwhelming powers/emotions n betrayal/redemtion stories...heh ^^'
  10. Not sure where I should've posted this, but any How I Met Your Mother fans? =] If so, and if anyone is caught up to right now, anyone have any theories about who the mother is and any idea of *SPOILER*.........................................................................................................................................................................................who barney marries?! I hope it's Robin <3 Anyways, thoughts, opinions, etc. about this Legen...wait for it...DARY show, write here ^_^
  11. I'll keep it short because it's more important to get to it. Vote/ask questions that will be answered by Obama for real! Ends midnight ET. Be heard, herd!
  12. true. we can only hope
  13. EVERYPONY go on here and vote for somevery important questions to ask Obama, give him a piece of your mind! hurry it ends tonight

    1. Cinnamon Groove

      Cinnamon Groove

      I love how there's the extradition one, then every other question is about weed...

    2. StarGazer91


      LOL sooo many weed ones...I'm trying to vote for a lot of the NDAA n SOPA/PIPA ones x]

  14. true, and good choice, but idk it's not like our ideal people are always chosen...anyone even see the premiere of anime turned real life even the trailer for the Dragonball movie? ...sad...sad times...
  15. lol no no no i know it wasn't for reals, but it's a funny thought to think while watching it! I mean they've even had the joke with Spike falling in the punch n Pinkie saying the punch is really spiked now or i mean you gotta wonder how much they try n hint loose funny things like that ya know? I mean it's fine n all I understand the aged cider thing, but they know bronies like myself r gonna jump to this thought xD my apologies it's quite on my mind a lot as of turning 21 in 3ish days ^_^'