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  1. Happy Birthday Kuni!

  2. So it's no secret. I really like Skullgirls. So, here's a WIP of Squigly!
  3. Whoo!! Finished with Level 1 Nursing School at last! Time for 30 days off.. then onward to Level 2!

  4. Essentially Day 1 stuff with Squigs, but I did get a nice string down. Gonna dig around and see if I can pull some more things. I'd love to try and make a combo video with her.
  5. Hoho! In case you guys don't know, The Skullgirls Beta is out! So if you've donated to the indigogo fun, check your humble bundle account! It'll have a steam key inside! If you didn't back the indigogo project, you can still get a beta key here. http://labzerogames.com/store/ Granted upon closer examination, you've gotta pay $36 dollars. As of currently the only things that aren't available in the beta is Arcade mode, certain training lessions *like Squiggly's*, move lists and Online Lobby making. *My mind could be slipping , there could be another thing or two*There IS online Ranked matches fortunately. Also, in the next couple weeks, we should get lobby making as well! So huzzah! Also just for reference - Parasoul's Inferno brigade is actually done with Punches instead of kicks. I never played Skullgirl's initially. Playing it on the first time for steam is a most definite blast for me. Definitely feeling Valentine and Cerebella. Filia's alright too. Squiggly is ALOT of fun too. Alot of moves and possibilities. At the moment, I'm sticking with a 2 man team. So, how about you guys? What are your impressions?
  6. OCs

    According to Jug's drinking chart.. -Essentially a mule. thats like, negative drinks, right? - Black Hair + 2 Drinks * not poking fun at ya Jug. Just being silly and taking an opportunity to doodle* Really, OC's are fun to me! :D I like doodling out alternate personas and all. Sure some aren't exactly "original" but not like it bothers me or anything.
  7. Hey Fluuuuuuffy~

    1. Lord Fluffy

      Lord Fluffy

      Okay. i admit. i loved it.

  8. Greetings peeps! Haven't been around in awhile. Stuff's been crazy since school started! Anywho , everyone of you guys have a good day! :D

  9. @ Pinkamena Guess you got a point there. With stuff changing, I went with the flow of things. I still don't like that kind of language myself and I don't care for NSFW sprays either. But you guys are right on something. Kids shouldn't be on here in the first place.
  10. That's a lazy ass way of handling it, though. If someone can't avoid instantly banning someone just so they don't have to deal someone breaking the rules, and treat the situation as a robot, they aren't fit to do their job. What? What? Wait, so you're saying the M rated game, with the R rated community, and the R rated server's community known as ponyville.net is family oriented? "I DONT want this being slung around in the servers" Sure, but I think it's a pointless rule, so this is where the argument comes in. It's why I said a MORE oriented. I realize the irony in the statement . Why do you think the domain's catch phrase was changed not too long ago to be censored?
  11. That statement right there. Sure people can call Fag in just a general derogatory word. But a word like that carries very hurtful meaning. It's like using the "N" word. People still use it in the same way but I DONT want that being slung around in the servers. Faggot carries the same principle. And being one of the individuals that often gets Classified with it's derogatory meaning , it's very insulting. As people said before, This is more family oriented server. common swears, I dont mind. But that kind of language crosses the line if it's just spouted off. You keep it clean or you can choose to get out.
  12. Did you even play on the DayZ server? I don't recall, lol... Seeing servers, I assumed TF2. I did get on the Day Z once or twice..HERP DERP.
  13. Working full time at night shift takes alot out of you. When I get home, I don't want to post things honestly. I want to relax and play a game or draw while I can. I played a Ton of TF2 and got burnt on it so I'm not nearly on the server anymore. About to start Nursing School and that's gonna be even worst on time unfortunately. I imagine people are under similar states. Not to mention it's April now. Most schools finals are just around the corner. Give it some time, this place'll get filled back up.
  14. Heeyooo! Once again, it's been awhile eh? Been playing through Resident Evil 6 on steam. So take a Helena Harper Pony! Grown to really like her. Seriously, who doesn't like a good elbow drop? ..Y'know what I do hate? Unicorns. Horns always throw me through a loop. And weapons. Guns especially are a paaaaain.