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  1. Well, there is a difference between me and my OC... So, if I were to be a pony, most likely a film-reel or movie projector.
  2. Howdy tharr. My name is Adriano and I'm just another brony like anypony else here. I'm friendly! No biting, just the occasional nibble; and secondly I come in peace and in dire need for some friends. :( Not to say I don't have any in real life [lol], though I can't imagine how lonely it must be floating adrift this server with out anypony out there to connect with or even just to talk to. That said, I hope we make good friends. ;) Besides that, I'm a BEEG role-player. I'm not too sure what the rules are regarding RPing on the server, though if one could refer me to any, it would be much appreciated. To get to know a little more about me personally, or at least what I consider to be "personal", generally my pony alter-ego is "Tumbleweed" which is another preferable name to refer to me as besides my user (which IS my minecraft name) and my real name. Tumbleweed is a somewhat custard-colored stallion with a serious disposition, but a playful, easygoing manner- shadowing the 'tough guy' appearance he bears to keep up his ego and desired persona. Tumbleweed hails from Appleloosa, a bounty hunter working to catch escaped convicts and bandits that even Sheriff Silverstar's deputies can't seem to get their hooves on. Since he was young pony, though, Tumbleweed had always had an advanced sense of justice, to rule out the bad from the good and to keep peace to dusty streets of ol' Appleloosa. With this, Tumbleweed had been proudly awarded a golden "sheriff's star" cutiemark for his good deeds; appearing quite similar to Silverstar's cutiemark, though with the noticeable difference in color as the Sheriff's is silver. So yeah, that's my story. Haha. Anyways, again, I hope we can get along and it's been a pleasure meeting y'all! Oh-- and p.s., just in case it is of necessity to anyone and it helps more so to define my own personality, my favorite pony in Applejack. Right. The end. Kay, thanks, bye!! Quote MultiQuote Edit =38266&st=&auth_key=e33bea08a0647029092799241606b945"]Delete