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  1. Looks like I may be moving again. Perhaps my journey will never end.

  2. Movie theater job? I'll take it!

  3. Well, NY is out. Gotta straighten out my own life before I can help others.

  4. Here's a good one of mine. People making plans with me for me to work and then DROPPING OFF THE FACE OF THE BLOODY EARTH. Pisses me off. We set it all up for me to work for a dirt cheap price, FAR less than what a licensed "professional" would charge, and then you leave me hanging. It's not like I'm working for crack money, I'm trying to go be with a sick friend for a bit! FOr god's sake people! Show some decency and honor your word!
  5. Well so much for work. Guy never showed. Coop is pissed.

  6. Some awesome work coming up. $100+ for a few hours, def gonna be more than once, too!

  7. She tasted like strawberries....

    1. Ruby
    2. Ponargonian


      How dare you. You know my mother was a strawberry.

    3. Coopernius



  8. Poker night tonight. SHould be fun!

    1. Daring


      Is it at The Inventory?

    2. Coopernius
  9. There's a thread for the easiest, now one for the hardest. Doesn't have to be final boss, could be any of them. So who's the hardest for you? Personally mine is Dante from SMT: Nocturne. This guy is insanely OP for such an early boss, and requires a lot of grinding and a perfect party set up to beat.
  10. Everything is going great! Went on a wonderful date, going on another one with the same gal this Saturday, and have work as a personal trainer!

  11. Now THAT was a good workout!

  12. Now THAT was a good workout!

  13. Start new work today. Got hired on a personal assistant/motivator lol.