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  1. So, I checked my steam inventory today and i have 6 dota 2 keys If anyone wants one lemme know.

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    2. LVL


      If you have any spares there are alot of people looking for the game on r/sharedota

    3. LVL
    4. Trix


      thanks for the heads up LVL. I sent you a friend request Zelc. Accept that and a copy is yours.

  2. Been waiting for a Scootaloo episode and this did not disappoint. It was nice and simple. I was surprised to see Luna. To see her actually able to dream walk is cool.
  3. Still not too sure about how I set up my masteries. I got Akali and Jarvan down, I think. I need to figure out Lulu and a couple others though. What's up with you guys and Ahri? She's cool and all, but Annie is better in my opinion.
  4. Trigun in tha morning, feels good.

  5. Same reason they brought up Baltimare and Fillydelphia, they love their terrible yet hilarious puns Possibly, but I'd still like to see more of these horses.
  6. This might be a bit mean, but I'm glad Trixie took Pinkie's mouth away. Although, it was kind of sad seeing her not being able to eat cupcakes. I hope we actually see something of Saddle Arabia in the future. If not, then why did they bring them up to begin with?
  7. Santa hats for everypony!

  8. Evil Trixie is best Trixie. I like how she boasted about apologizing too. It's part of her charm and she is still best pony. I can't wait to see some of the fan art that will come of this. Also, Fluttershy at the beginning there, so cute.
  9. Well, goodbye fourth wall

  10. I'll play with ya and offer tips where I can. I'm a tank/support player. Mainly Jarvan cuz he's a boss. I sent you an invite, name's twidash.
  11. Well, this one was pretty well done. Lots of good moments in it. That song was cool. I like me a good CMC song. But with all the bullying that actually goes on I'm sure a lot of us can relate. And now onto Babs. That accent, wow. It's been a while since I've heard it. But yeah, I guess she's alright in my book. Luster dust and Sweetie Belle made the episode.
  12. Yeah, some of these changes suck. Especially that Warmog change.
  13. So, I play on the beta client and a lot of the masteries have been changed. A few have been added as well. Granted, all of them are subject to change before they are released officially. Also, there's a new UI as well. Here's a couple of screenshots for ya.
  14. Clannad After Story is so sad. I haven't even finished it yet. I'm around the same episode you are.
  15. A friend of mine brought this game to my attention the other day. I wasn't too sure what it was until he explained it to me. I'm afraid to get it because of how people can be on the internet. If the community's bad about listening to the commander I don't really want to get it. And vice-versa, if the commander is bad, well yeah. When/if it goes on sale during the x-mas I may just pick it up, like i do a bunch of games during then.