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  1. Hmm, anything new since last time? *flips through forum posts*...nope. Big surprise. Oh, well, maybe next month!

  2. Hey, ain't nothing wrong with a mic like that. Sure, there's better ones out there, but it's far better than the old headset mics I used to record on. (Ugh, I still look back at my recordings from 2012 on back and wonder why I thought those sounded good.) My Nady USB-1C's treated me well the past couple of years. And toward a comment made by Steamworks earlier, commercial work is a voice actor's bread and butter. I went to a panel with David Vincent back at A-Kon this year. Dude's played Senketsu for Kill La Kill, Grimmjow for Bleach, Robin for Fire Emblem, dude's pedigree is amazing. Then he lapsed into his voice for advertising for KMart. He explained that, sure, we'd all like to be recording voice work for cartoons and games all the time, but it's the commercial stuff that you can literally do at home that's gonna put food on the table. Soon as I can round up the cash, personally, I'm gonna set up a premium membership to Voice123, see if I can get something beyond basic commission work.
  3. Well, my position on having a Vanilla server is pretty well-known around here, I would say. That said, if one were to be created, and given a decent chance, with support from the Pony Fortress gang, I'm sure we could keep it pretty populated. It's got my vote.
  4. That's why you don't focus on fandoms. You get your voice out there any way you can. Anything you feel you can record, make it. And like SpazzDragon said, throw it out there for people to listen to. You won't know how good you are 'til people actually listen to it. Take the criticism, improve your craft, and just keep on keepin' on! That said, I too wish you luck!
  5. Hey, guys, what's goin' on in this for-...WHO ARE YOU PEOPLE

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. Diskette


      We are the PF2 army! We came to take over your community using destructive weapons like hugs and cuddles...

      And ponycats :3

    3. Hobo-Joe
    4. Lord Nanfoodle

      Lord Nanfoodle

      No. Bad Zer0. Bad. Those are MY souls. MY souls.

  6. Yes, let's complain about the quality of $5 indie games.
  7. Sorry I haven't been around much, guys. I've been caught up in working with my audio work a lot more recently, and. Got a lot more attention than I expected. I'll try to poke my head in the servers a bit more often, promise.

  8. Yes, that's exactly what we're saying. That doesn't excuse your behavior, both on the servers and on the forum. The very first rule on the MOTD? "Don't be disrespectful." From insulting other players, to demanding to be ungagged, to the wave of insults you have levied at the admin team so far, you have not shown an ounce of respect to anyone here. Oh, get over yourself. I'm sick of asshats using the "Love and Tolerate" mantra as an excuse to be a shithead. You sure weren't Loving and Tolerating your teammates ingame. You weren't Loving and Tolerating the mod when he told you to take it easy. You sure as hell aren't being very fucking Loving and Tolerating in this discussion.So, tell me, Chubster, considering your complete lack of respect, what makes you think we have any scrap of a reason to love and tolerate your toxic attitude a second longer than necessary? For what it's worth, I agree with the permaban suggestion. This group doesn't need this.
  9. When it comes to the standard steps of "How not to appeal your Ban/Mute/Gag", I'd say Chubmuffin here's hitting them all. Considering the complete lack of respect for the mod in question, I would recommend escalating this into a full-out ban.
  10. Howdy, new people! Hope you enjoy yourselves!
  11. Agreed. Calling this inappropriate seems to be really grasping at straws.
  12. Hey, ever wanted to see a grown man pretend to be a piece of bread? If so, come watch me make an idiot of myself on Twitch!

    1. MrsKenyon


      My hunny bunny is the best bread ever.

  13. Hey, guys, it's that time again! Gonna stream some stuff, and Mrs. K's gonna join the party in a bit! Starting with some Wings of Vi, then we'll do some co-op Never Alone, and see where we go from there! As usual, or head to the Streams tab!

    1. MrsKenyon


      me! I'm gonna be there!

  14. Gonna play some stuff tonight! Got some Binding of Isaac, maybe some TF, definitely that Never Alone game later...come watch!
    1. Michael J. Caboose

      Michael J. Caboose

      i will .w. will u be on the pony server?

    2. The_Mr_Kumar


      No. He'll be playing TF2.

    3. Michael J. Caboose