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  2. I suppose that I should finally come here to seek help, I'm more or less out of every other venue as they have all proven fruitless and not changed much. Simple way to say it is that I have pretty deep moodswings between pretty chill n happy that can go decently quick to being depressed as all hell over something as stupid as a game or negative gesture. Doesnt go both ways really so it's a lot harder to go back to happy after the sad wave hits. Sad waves are generally just one little thing reminding me of other small things that are parts of medium things of large things that are bad about me and why I shouldnt bother continuing to exist. Then after that, I mope around trying to find something, anything to get me to be a happy, sociable and friendly person(and maybe love myself). In the bad slumps (which are a lot of slumps these days) I even get the thoughts that life is pointless and I have no point to continue the show as it will all end the same way or negligibly different either way. I mean I'm not the best at anything and never will be as that would already be apparent at the moment should that be the case of either scenarios. I will just go through my entire life unsatisfied with who I am and what I've done, never doin something that really has impact on me or others. perhaps I can make small impacts, but those are small and unfulfilling, leading back to the problem of me hating that I can't do anything that makes me happy. So all these bundles of joy results in me wishing no one cared about me so I could end my life without causing others grief. But I'm stuck since that isnt the case, and for some reason others caring just doesnt make me happy, since I didnt do much to make those who care, care. I just hate who I am, my lack of motivation, my depression, my mediocrity in everything I do and will ever do, only generally reaching above average before hitting my limit and being as useless in that area as I am in everything else. It's hilarious that I have the audacity to claim such woe when I'm living "the dream" for countless other people, and have so many opportunities for everything, But I have already failed it seems at fully taking advantage of such opportunities, starting everything I seem to care about too late cuss I played gamez instead of what was the important stuffs. All I seemed to have going for me a while ago was being a good guy, but I fucked that up when I was a terrible friend to my best friend, and probably never will have another being who I am(for long at least). Overall, I just don't think I can be a happy person...I have short bursts sure but well...it sucks. It just sucks to be this guy that is such a downer and cant be a good sport or a positive thinker or a good person at heart. I feel like an anchor dragging everyone else in my life down from the heights they could reach without me bothering them. I would hope to change that and change myself to be able to be happy for more than 12 hours for once. I don't know if it's possible at this point, but here's to the chance of it bein possible. I don't want to be sad around those who have seen it...I just don't know how to be happy anymore.(I also hope I'm not bipolar *sigh* that would suuuuuck) Consider yeeselves dismissed from this here text wall.
  3. Results of your Autism / Asperger's Screening Quiz You scored a total of 13 Woops woop me n Medi Not-Autism brothas

  6. If you ever find a champ that you want, I can fund you for it and help you learn them And you have my sword
  7. freexenmas This ma- This crowbar, helped my PEOPLE, in a time of need, when nobar else would! and this...wait I need a moment....*deep beath* THIS is how you treat the bar?!? Shameful, I fight for the cause, the crowbarcause

  8. - People who act as though they are above others. - People who try way too hard to annoy others and people who commonly Try to annoy others in general. - People who ask for help but then say they don't want YOUR help/dont acknowledge your advice even though they asked for it.(whether it be because you didnt say what they want to hear or because they don't take you seriously) SIMILAR:When people ask for help for attention. -People who don't clean up the messes they made themselves. Applies twofold if they expect others to do it for them. -Hypocrites make me want to punch walls because of how ridiculously impossible they are to reason with. This mainly applies when they know they are hypocrites but don't care. Equally frustrating is when they don't acknowledge they are out of pure pride. -People who haven't learned how to say "I was wrong and you were right" in any way due to pure stubbornness. - Huge one: when you take the time to make a point and present your case to someone after they've made theirs, and they either A. Obviously don't even read it/ignore your reasoning. B. Ignore everything you said without any response. Or C. Say you are taking them to seriously/umadbro? when they were obviously being serious beforehand. -Nagging -Lack of respect to fellow human beings -lack of the ability apologize -Lack of the ability to say thank you And there's the long list of things that ruffle my ronsons.
  9. At first I was liek but den I saw double adc enemy team and den kman playin a mid that wasnt Vik
  10. colds wouldnt be so bad if it wasn't for the stuffed nose part of it

    1. The Fabulous Darky

      The Fabulous Darky

      Awww get better dearie!

  11. Haha looks like you were caught again, ey Mask☆DeMasque?
  12. Gives me the gigglies everytime On a serious note, I think the show/movie/cancer/whatever should be entertaining enough. I'll give it a swirl and see how it goes. I am glad that it looks like it will be a one-time deal thing, no milking it or anything to hinder quality. On the topic of quality, hopes aren't especially high, but high enough to catch my interest. From the trailer it seems like a redo of the first premier in Season 1 with her meeting the gang again, just with a twist of a male interest and a High School Queen antagonist Could go good or bad depending on how it's handled. In the past they've handled things that most thought would only end in tears(rather only beginning with tears). Such as the big brother TS never mentioned before, Discord's return, or even the decision to make Vinyl's eye color Magenta. So I continue to remain hopeful and believe in their ability to make a nice, charming movie of sorts. Although, I am irked by the decision to make Spike a dog. I mean come on ya couldn't make him her younger brother at least? The guy has way more sense than to just be a pet dog, and isn't even a pet dragon by any means.
  13. that would be correcto, good job Mr.LOL
  14. dat feel when you look at mr. proBackpack mans farm on mf at 20 minutes or so and see it at 189 in a game we were losing horribly I need to improve my adc farming skills >.<