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  1. He used to remind me of rainbow dash now he reminds me of megaman
  2. Since I am so nice I will give you half of my cookie. Eat it else I will eat you...
  3. Joe got better, Iron man is still decent and spiderman still sucks. Everyone else who can swing (Even Hisen-ko) does it way better instead of a backwards shoruken input and a short distance. In vanilla my team was Morrigan, Felicia, Tron/Jill In ultimate it is now Felicia, Morrigan and Hawkeye and my 2nd team is Wright, Nova, Dr. Doom. Doom is just so much fun now that hes even better than before. Used him alot in vanilla and now doom loops are easy as flip to do.
  4. Im the 1000th reply on the videogame dissussion thread. I should so get a cookie

  5. So cash... Sorry, new friend got me into saying that. Hes just so oosem...
  6. I really want to use C.Viper again. I flipping loved her. Cant say the same about the one in MvC3 and Ultimate...
  7. Just made a new friend at school. Hes a closet brony who constantly wears a ton of sonic gear. Why are bronies so closet?

    1. Zelc


      They're ashamed to give away the truth to other people.

      It's nice that you made a friend, though!

    2. Whatever You Want

      Whatever You Want

      Most are closet because we know that no one else will understand. Congratulations on making a new friend!

  8. I may be at a party but im so Pinkamena right now. (Thats bad)

    1. Johnny Hoof

      Johnny Hoof

      But parties are awesome! :C

    2. Whatever You Want

      Whatever You Want

      Let's get a party going, let's get a party going, when it's time to part we will always party hard.

      Pinkamena isn't bad, she's funny.

  9. So I need to write a essay about friendship for AP College writing. Wat do?

    1. Pinkie Pie™

      Pinkie Pie™

      dear princess celestia:...

    2. Whatever You Want

      Whatever You Want

      Time to watch some ponies.

    3. Scootsy Wootsy Woona Time

      Scootsy Wootsy Woona Time

      I had to write two 5 page papers on ponies. It's easy.

  10. Pinkie is so totally my new best friend. Shes one happening pony and her parties are the greatest ever!! I would so serve as part of the entertainment for it
  11. Im hoarding bits for when something good comes out. Like a pony version of UMvC3!! *Hint hint*

  12. Im feeling festive :p

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    2. Whatever You Want

      Whatever You Want

      What is with the "pony with santa hats while tilting their heads slightly" picture fad anyway?

    3. Zelc



      I dunno, but they're winking, and it feels great.

    4. Wubtavia


      Its to make you feel better about yourself :P

  13. Whats to hate about pinkie? Shes one cool pony
  14. I can teach you some sick phoenix wright combos that just feel.. wright Im sorry. Anywho he can do 750k dmg in a combo without using meter if you are willing to put your hands in pain to do so. Hes just like franky, real easy but long. Not tron long because thats useless. Dooms hidden missles work well to help you gather evidence
  15. Not you, nightmare