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  1. Have you ever wanted to taste the thrill of adventure? Smell the sweet salt air o' the sea wash o'er 'ye, feel th' rush o' blood as yer' ship creaks and groans in protest in eavy', tossin' storms, threatinin' t' tip ya' o'er and send ya all to rest in Davy Jones's locker? Well, now be yer' chance, by the Princesses! The newest commissioned ship in th' Princesses's navy, th' Royal Equestrian Navy [R.E.N.] Icarus be sailin' t' collectin' booty and crewponies, arrrr! Basic rules, y'lubbers! 1. Don't be a lubberin' cur, y'fools. Be treatin' folks nicely OOC, and only badly IC for IC reasons, by the powers! 2. Be leavin' a dock for th' next post! Nopony likes someone who drops anchor in a bay with no way around. 3. Don't ye' e'er make others' actions for em! Write yer own, but don't try to manage your friends rigging! 4. In combat, if we make it, nay there be an auto-hit! Naythin like 'I be shootin' him and his arm off' unless ye be fighting a wee bunny, or a lil' zombie, by yerself! Characters: In Game Name: Character Name: Position(s) you'd like to fill: Experience: [Has your character ever been sailing before? Were they once whalers? Or totally green landlubbers?] [short!] Background: [i nay' be asking for an essay, but a wee paragraph or two o' history of where y'came from would be nice, aye!]