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  1. Now we can forget about how much season 3 sucked
  2. Adding you now
  3. I have not gotten any shiny yet ...
  4. I caught an Azurill in a Luxury Ball, and it's still taking forever to evolve. How the heck does Amie work to increase happiness?
  5. I have encountered Wingull hordes, which have used Supersonic on me like I'd imagine a Zubat Horde would I keep encountering the Zangoose / Seviper Horde, but they keep killing the viper before I can catch one
  6. Don't forget, there also can be Zubat Hordes
  7. I got mine, I saw it in the store so I just bought it and cancelled my Amazon pre-order Do we use our 3DS Friend Codes, or is there different ones? My 3DS one is 1461-6997-3612, and I am adding everyone who has posted there one so far Also, why in the heck did Animal Crossing have it's fishing contest today? I barely played that at all today
  8. I pre-ordered mine from Amazon ages ago, and have still not received a damn shipping notification. I am so fucking pissed, I thought the whole point of pre-ordering was to make sure I get the game on time. If I go to a store tomorrow and see this, I am buying it and cancelling my damn order, fuck them
  9. I pre-ordered from Amazon, and it hasn't shipped yet. So I probably won't have it on release day
  10. Exactly why I don't even attempt to battle competitively, way too complicated
  11. Poor old Parasect. It could be good were it not for its atrocious typing. It doesn't have good stats either. *edit*
  12. I assumed that they were Ents
  13. As long as I got my Ninja Frog, Blue Charizard and a Mother-F*cking T-Rex on my team, I am happy