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  1. no longer going to use this account. if you want to get in contact with me find me here

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    2. ÎÎÎÎÎ


      Because minecraft is the best thing in the world forever twice.

    3. Nagol™


      ^what malcolm said as this account was mostly used for minecraft forums and my occasional drawings. now that mc forums moved and i have a deviant art page i dont find a necessity to use this account anytime soon.

    4. CloudMistDragon


      Goodbye to your account.

  2. i want to slide into a box for hours.

  3. the moment mine little pony mod skinning gives me the opportunity I'm going to make an orca pony :3

  4. still sick 3 weeks later. someone come kill me.

    1. nope


      I rather not, but I wish you the best and hope you become well soon

    2. Screwsies


      Where do you live? This is crucial for the job at hand

    3. Owonyc


      still sick after 1 and 5 months. >_>

  5. played excessive amounts of assassins creed 3 today. be prepared for some mlp ac3 crossover drawings.

    1. Nagol™


      hmm i dont like the word crossover id rather say inspired

  6. come on 4000 profile views almost there

    1. Cinnamon Groove
    2. Xanneo


      I contributed to the cause.

    3. Pencil Doodle®

      Pencil Doodle®

      >That epic moment when you almost have 10,000 profile views

  7. hasbro keeps coming out with shitty mlp toys (sorry if you enjoy some of them they are not all bad) when all we want a re show accurate plushies

    1. TheGreatJug™


      Or just show accurate toys

    2. nope


      They are releasing show accurate Fluttershy, Steven Magnet, Manticore and Nightmare Moon blindbags as a set so I am happy about that.

    3. Cinnamon Groove

      Cinnamon Groove

      Stephen Magnet is the shiznit!

  8. im sick tell me a story

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    2. Urban Zombie

      Urban Zombie

      Once, there was an emo child named Sinji Ikari. He was so emo that everyone died. THE END

    3. Cinnamon Groove

      Cinnamon Groove

      When I was your age television was called books.

      And this is a special book.

      It's the book my father used to read to me when I was sick, and I used to read it to your father.

      And today, I'm gonna read it to you.

    4. Ponargonian


      Once upon a time.

      You died. And I lived happily ever after.

      The end.

  9. so not looking forward to alicorn twilight sparkle. I guess having my oc being an alicorn i cant make arguments about this topic i just don't think twilight should change.

  10. so bummed just got really disappointing news and now the thought is consuming my mind making me sad.

  11. so tired must slide into bed and die.

    1. Vinyl Bot

      Vinyl Bot

      Your profile picture just gave me a seizure.

    2. Nagol™


      a happy seizure?

    3. Vinyl Bot

      Vinyl Bot


  12. so luna can visit your dreams right? well what if you have inappropriate dreams and she visits that!!! O_O

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    2. Calamity


      Equestria doesn't have any computers and thus, no internet. It's her only source of porn.

    3. nope


      Mental threesome, that's what's.

    4. Ponargonian


      The exact same joke as everyone else has posted.

  13. So sick cant do anything. *calls out* "nurse...nurse red heart help me".

  14. Going to be away from Minecraft for a while. I just got my new class schedule and my next semester is going to be quite difficult. i will try to get on periodically and i will try to stay reachable through skype or steam. I know this is not important since nopony cares about me just wanted to let you know. :(

    1. Orca


      We care. Good luck with your courses.

    2. Nagol™


      thanks i'm going to need it :/

    3. Sonic Rain

      Sonic Rain

      D: I care about you and yes this is very important.

      I wish you the best of Luck with your classes Nagol.