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  1. Your a'ight need to work on over-extensions and whatnot but solid overall. But as it stands I could always play demo for you if needed, why the hell not ya know? Just for a while though as im making a 6's team myself when the HL season is over. 261.9 hours as Demo as it stands currently.
  2. You know you scrimming mah girls team right?
  3. Holy crap after almost 6 months this topic finally has more than 1 page, gg guys no ringers
  4. Twas good guys GG 4-0 no ringers

    1. Cheerilee


      No ringers brah, that's shady brah!

  5. Holy crap this post is so unused so since white left im the new leader Shytime aka New Fluttershy so heres the new roster Scout:Flutterscoot Soldier:6am Pyro:Inept Demo:Shytime Heavy:RWtub Engie:Broham Medic:Cheerilee (Tenshi bro you've missed 2 matches and 5 scrims, had too move you to backup) Sniper:Dont know ATM but i do have a temp sniper Spy:Rage Backups HipsterBelle Avast Ferd Merzick Tenshi and yes my avatar is that damn cool
  6. Well you good with a scrim tomorrow at 8 est as a possibility i would need to see if i could make it or not, all depends
  7. Since avast is probably gonna be here for the first match, if you dont already have a demo I could play for you in your first match
  8. Might let go of some of my pink as hell things for more pink as hell things who knows Pink Fast learner(dirty) Pink tosslecap(dirty) Pink Toothkickers(dirty) Pink Tyrolian Pink Procedure Mask Pink Stethoscope Pink Vintage Ten Gallon Pink Idea Tube Pink Half Pants and my color no.216 sniper set -Trophybelt,Veil
  9. So hows this whole team thing going? I dont even know some of these people on the roster.
  10. Yeah im Demo mostly but I like medic and solly aswell but im probably gonna play demo the whole time
  11. I really am looking to get into 6's so I think after this season I might be done with Highlander however I might still stick around if I feel like it.