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  1. U want sum dots? B)

  2. Wow, i finally found the login button. (Been on a long break but it's over now)

  3. Considering joining, not final yet. Currently quit playing.
  4. Quite simply, Damn. Thats rad.
  5. Welp, my stuff has changed so much since my last post. I've started to collect every paintable pyro hat in the colour mint. The ones i have are as follows: Madame Dixie Pyromancers Mask Pyrotechnic Tote Wonderland Wrap Waxy Wayfinder Flamboyant Flamenco Filamental (Painted Green not Mint, mint paint on this is poor and so i decided to go with Green because you could actually see a difference.)
  6. This means i can finally join in on S3.
  7. Jellycracklingpowerchocolateballs

  8. I get to destroy the world with Nightmare Moon. Hah, you're all fucked now.
  9. This is how sad i am: :( (Aimed at Calz)

  10. Hooray for me getting off my lazy butt and drawing (Ironic i sat down doing this) But here... My OC as of now @Sonic Rain I'll get back to you later with my thoughts on it. I would do it now but i haven't the time and must leave now. I'll message you when i've edited this post with my thoughts.
  11. Im a real big idiot and just hurt everyone... Dont expect to see me for a while.

    1. Screwsies


      Now you know that is a lie.

  12. Power rangers woulda been better with this in it http://i.imgur.com/wowut.jpg

    1. Screwsies


      Needs more barkley.