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  1. I'm a diagnosed manic-depressive. I don't need tests.
  2. I hate it when people think I'm a fag. Because then they try to smoke me and I'm like "oy mate I ain't got no nicotine" and they'd be all like "fack off ya wanka" and then I'd be a cigarette. :C
  3. I used to use Maya for my modeling when I still made for games solely. When I started working on commercial spots and more in the motion graphics field I started using Cinema4D. It's a powerful modeling program with some very easy to use features. My business just recently gave me a serial for Adobe CS6 Master Collection.
  4. A bank account of minus $30. This will be a fun two weeks.

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    2. 11111111


      You could enlist the Chinese Mafia, that's what Valve did.

    3. Eris™


      Speaking of Valve, I am in need of some ideas for items to make.

    4. Suitaloo


      I came up with one the other day. You know that drink flavor thing Mio? It's like that. "Bonk Atomic Splash" Right click to add a squeeze, each squeeze makes invuln last 4 seconds, to a maximum of 16 seconds, if you go to 16 seconds, you will die of a heart attack once you end the invuln unless there is a medic or health pack nearby.

  5. Only good game.
  6. Karma loves to make a fool of me still.

    1. Suitaloo


      Again, WHAT DID YOU DO?!? I really really REALLY want to know!

    2. Eris™


      I destroyed everyone's trust in me.

  7. Could have asked me months ago and I would have told you things I'd like to see.
  8. Iron waves crashed on his face, made him feel less alone.

  9. Seeing as how I've fallen out of contact with everyone here, as well as lost everything I held dear, I guess this could be considered my official goodbye.

    1. Suitaloo


      Eris, if you are leaving, will you at least tell us what happened? I am extremely curious and will be tearing my hair out at the possibilities, mostly because I didn't know you that well. Can you at the very least tell me in a PM?

    2. Lord Monochromicorn

      Lord Monochromicorn

      Im quite curious as to why you are suddenly leaving.

  10. This thread's full of badasses.
  11. What in the actual fuck.
  12. Sam Fisher from Conviction, Lee Everett from The Walking Dead game, Professor Fitz Quadwrangle from Quantum Conundrum (voiced by John de Lancie).
  13. Well, I'm quitting smoking. Someone give me something to fight.

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    2. Ponargonian
    3. D0C


      I agree, fight Grapes.

    4. Screwsies


      I would love fot this to happen, I am a Antagonist and all!

  14. Good on the change. This isn't 4chan. You don't need to spam shit to get attention.
  15. It's probably much too late to do this, but I feel I must before I slip out of this mindset. I apologize to everyone I may have hurt, offended or overall have done bad to, I apologize for being a bad leader and an awful person, and to everyone else trying to set examples. This will probably be the last time I talk to any of you so I just wanted you to know this. I really am sorry.

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    2. Calzone


      I've never ignored you Eris~ Just what happened?

    3. Eris™


      A current admin will give you a better explanation. I'm not in a good mindset right now.

    4. Suitaloo


      I don't know what's going on either. And I would like to know.