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  1. >>Communication Error<< >>Refresh<< >>Communication Error<< Are you fucking serious.
  2. when do you think it will be open to the public?
  3. how does one set up tekkit? link? pre-made jar? anything?
  4. looks that way...
  5. This mod looks like fun. Oh, Pinkie Pie.
  6. Do this to the Haters http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fp32TigGfZk :D
  7. i can run a little Hamchi server to do this map or the Tower Control map.
  8. I'm so there [Hill Control] :P
  9. Pvp World were are you?!
  10. Lets make a Frigate without Obsidian... Maybe in pvp world if there's going to be one.
  11. thats going to be alot of Obsidian.....
  12. New army Forces: Operative: The Operative functions as the special forces or spy who focuses on flanking the enemy to sabotage their efforts. Medic:The Medic functions as the key supportive role, able to heal both his team and himself. (You must know how to brew stuff) Their will be moar! Forces
  13. You need Autocraft so you can make..... Battle ships for attacking bases or simple ships that you want to take for a ride and explore
  14. Equestria Nations Space Command Keeping Equestria Safe. Due the the lack of space/air support. i'm looking for pony's who can build: Ships,Vehicles and Bases.​copy Halo's design for Ships and Vehicles I'm looking for people that can Mine resources in order to build these things. I'm also looking for Army Forces: Marie's: Join Stats: Available [Always looking for forces] O.D.S.T's: Join Stats: Unavailable [Prove yourself from being a Marie] Spartan's: Join Stats: Unavailable [specially Selective] Their will be more Forces. Ranks: Private Corporal Sergeant Warrant Officer: WO for short Captain Major Lt Colonel Colonel Brigadier General Field Marshall: FM for short Inheritor:Only one [Respect the the ranks higher than you] [being disrespectful to a rank higher or lower will demote you] [if you are given a order from a higher rank do it] _____________________________________________________________ Forum to Sign-up IGN- Builder or Army Forces- Tell me a little about yourself- What Class are you- ------------------------------------ Example: IGN-ODSTSPORE Builder or Army Forces-Both Tell me a little about yourself-I like to build and fight What Class are you-Earth ------------------------------------ I hope you join us.