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  1. Hello all, some of you possibly remember me. I have not been on this forum for a while for some numerous reasons, one being that I couldn't remember my login. I did see the pirated youtube of Equestria Girls and I do have some feedback. First, storyline wise, the idea is out there, and hard to believe. I mean, how is there even a portal and why does there happen to be a bitchy evil ex-student on the other side? Next was songs. My first watchthrough made me just cringe. I felt like they were forced. But a second watchthrough and I found them quite enjoyable. Now on to those wtf moments. This was chock full of em. Just watching made me feel like I was on some mass extermination of jimmies. Some moments just didn't feel right. Also, YOU WAIFU STEALING JERK. He's lucky I haven't found him yet. Sunset Shimmer's initials are SS. THEY KNEW. Although I called her Rustlet Jimmer after the annihilation towards my jimmes she caused. But for the main questions that came up: Why send them to bed after they just got here? You don't even want to talk or catch up for just a little? And why is there no security protecting the magical mirror? What if someone else had come in? Why is the cmc there if this is high school? Same goes for snips and snails. Also diamond tiara and silver spoon, but the human version of their dance was silly. Why is the cops not showing up when it is obvious there is a fight? There's a bloody big crater for crying out loud! And why would they let Sunset Shimmer off so easy? Cmon, your looking at jail time and possible questioning at area 51. But it still had its good moments, like pinkie pie being pinkie pie. Or when the cmc posted their humanized song on youtube. So take it as you leave it, fellow bronies.
  2. Finaly was able to get back on. Been forever. Hope to catch up with you guys!

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      Stargazer, Hi!. I missed you. Even though you probably don't remember me

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      It's been way to long.

  3. Delta shook his head. "This is my first time to travel the stream. Can't say I've met you myself personally. Now as for the shared memories of Scott from Stargazer, then-" "What did I just say?!" Stargazer interrupted.
  4. "I had been gone far too long. I needed to check on everything here."
  5. (Silly me.) "Ah... well... " Stargazer started stammering. "Now who's screwing up the time-core?" Delta smirked. "Ah hell..." Stargazer muttered. "Been far too long since I last saw you, Frank. Hard trying to remember each point in the stream without thinking of another..."
  6. Stargazer could only stare slack jawed, while Delta put a hand behind his neck, both trying not to look him in the eye. There was much tension in the air. Stargazer turned to Delta and the two started whispering between themselves. Few bits like "how the hell does Prism-" and "nothing else to do" could be heard as some of their conversation grew heated, and whispering became restrained. Stargazer finally faced Royal. "Old friend, you are as real as me..." he began. "But your origin is slightly ascew from where you came and what you knew..." Delta finally spoke up. "This might take some time to explain. Time I doubt we have at this moment..."
  7. "Yes. Yes I do. Been a while longer than usual. Sorry for the serious tone with Delta, here. I just have to emphasise the need for caution. There are still some things in the galaxy that you cannot know, old friend."
  8. The figure next to Stargazer spoke up. "And how is Twilight doing, anyways?" Stargazer elbowed him in the stomach. "Quiet about that." He hissed. "Rule one of time travel. Do not reveal facts that might damage the time-core. While your question, innocent and possibly harmless, could lead to Royal asking questions himself. Questions you have to be VERY careful on wording. While the future is pretty absolute, we cannot harm the time-core."
  9. Stargazer's expression grew darker. "It always hits home, even when you expect it to happen eventually. Starswirl was a dear friend of mine, I visited him first when I started out being a guardian."
  10. Stargazer heard the exclamation, he continued down the pathway where the voice had come from.
  11. Yea. Oh well, haters gonna hate. Could have been worse, but we'll be fine.
  12. I did not know that someone had hacked the live feed. Well, guess we finally got someone's full attention. Also, might I add..
  13. So good to be back on. Missed you guys! Hope everyone had a good thanksgiving.

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  14. Firstly, great to be back on the forum. I had good thanksgiving and had been taking care of college, so it's nice to finally get back on. I hope everyone has been doing well. Second, this episode was amazing. Simply, wonderfully, amazing. 1. A-team reference, for those who know, at 12:00 2. Best. Song. Ever! The guy who wrote this song has been with fim since season 1. It's great to see they are giving him full reign in the songs. 3. Wonderful storyline. 4. Theme hit home. I had been bullyed when I was young, and ended up bullying my little brother. This one I could relate to greatly, and I love that. If only this had come out when I was young. 5. Golden sweetie belle. There had better be a gold sweetie bot-c3po reference. Make it so, artists! 6. "Why does life have to be so ironic!" Oh man. I hear ya. Good thing I find irony funny. As always, I keep being surprised by new seasons. Having been there for season 1, I always worry that the new season will be nothing but fan service or worse. But as always, I am wrong about my doubts. Well played, Hasbro and Season 3. I look forward to more.