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  1. Teddy nods as he stares at the foal that saved him. What an odd day this has been!
  2. "Two lumps please." Lutz started backing away.
  3. "Sure. Lutz?" "Um..." Lutz replied, looking away
  4. "Hey, Rarity. Everything ok?"
  5. "Looks like something is going on over there" Teddy said as he neared the Botique. "I wouldn't know." Lutz replied
  6. Lutz ordered his first real meal. Teddy was happy to pay for it and talk to him. Lutz wasnt used to this kindness... "So. Can I meet your other friends you were talking about later?" "Of course!"
  7. ((How does a role play once very active suddenly ------------- out of nowhere?))
  8. Lutz just leaned on Teddy, nervously. "Wh-wh-who is that?" "Now would not be a good time." Teddy told the fox and he started to walk to a restaraunt where he could get more accustomed to his new dad.
  9. "This is Lutz. Yes, he's blind."
  10. Name: Tedapple Dedekker (Teddy) Race: unicorn Sex: male Talent: writing Colors: dark purple coat, black shaggy mane, purple eyes Costume: grey hoodie with a black, metal mask. Green cape Strengths: very good fighter with fancy gadgets Gadgets: smoke bomb erasers, pocket grapple hook, negative light ink pen, cloning mechanical pencil (molecular replicator), thumb tack sleeping darts, and a few other battle items Weaknesses: magic. He only can levitate miniature items no heavier than a writing utensil. Bio: Teddy had once tried to take over the world with a negative light ray. He stopped himself in order to stop Luna from making a terrible mistake. Unfortunately, he was too late. Teddy was banished to the moon for attempted murder of Princess Celestia (which didn't actually happen) and was sent to the moon, back in time to where Luna was banished. He was there for seven days before he was "executed". Now, thought dead, he runs around in the shadows claiming to be his brother, Black Light. He wants to clear his name once and for all.
  11. "Give it back! It's mine!" Echoed throughout the alley. It was a voice of a young colt. Teddy instantly ranthat direction, clothes lined the adult holding a child's back pack, swung around as the guy got up and bucked him, and finishing him off with a slam to the ground. Teddy yanked the backpack up and went up to the now crying child. "Kid, i got your backpack back." The colt reached out, swiping the air until he hit his pack, which he grabbed and hugged as if it was his life. Sadly it was his life. After small talks, teddy found out the child was a homeless kid on the streets, no parents, and he was blind. Teddy forgot his search for the mysterious orphan and adopted the kid. His name was Roudelutz (pronounced Road Day Lutz). But ponies just called him lutz.
  12. Teddy nodded and trotted the opposite direction
  13. "I won't get into any trouble. Trust me." ((I posted the fic for Teddy about a month ago. Ill link it below.))
  14. "Go home, Andreas. Watch my sister for me"
  15. "The alleys"