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  1. I was browsing online trying to find people to add to this when I thought some here might want to so if you want to add to this there is the link.
  2. I don't know but there was a thing one that you once posted that apparently concerned this through an interactive. it was remade not to long ago.
  3. Also, science is working on where gravity comes from, and making progress. As for cell generation, the right combination of chemicals in water will eventually begin to combine into cells. As soon as they begin a reaction that lets them reproduce, evolution takes over. For a while they won't look like any cells from any organisms we know of, but eventually the important pieces will begin to fall into place. As for the lessons in FiM, they do line up exceptionally well with most Biblical concepts. This makes sense, since both of these things are supposed to be guides for how to live a good and just life for the sake of others. Be a good neighbor, be a good friend. Also, as has been pointed out, these parallels can be drawn with just about any religion or belief structure that teaches altruism, love for others, and respect for life. I do think it's cool how FiM manages to get the lessons worked into the shows plots so well while still being entertaining. It makes it not sound preachy when Twilight/Somepony writes the letter at the end. how did all the cells all combine to well actually live.
  4. Ic:what about me OOc; my oc name is firefly
  5. and don't be a chicken
  6. IC: "alright MORE PARTY MEMBERS" OC :it was said hcbailly style.
  7. As i stated when i introduced myself I do Let's plays. The games I Let's Play include but are not limited to the legend of zelda series, the Metroid series, the Megaman series, the final fantasy series, the mario series, and the Pokemon series (i haven't done a Pokemon series yet.). as of making this topic I am not well known ( about 130 subscribers). this is my channel updates from about my channel will mostly happen when i start a new main Let's Play or LP for short but if something i consider major comes up i will post about it. now that all that introduction stuff is done i will be starting a new Let's Play today so if you are interested in checking it out please do so.
  8. IC: ...and you must be Tedapple Dedekker (to tedapple) OOC: bed for me soon see you tomorrow
  9. IC "hi im megakidicarus" (to teddy) said to you must be um what was it (whispered to royal first and last name please)
  10. IC: "glad you switched sides hexus." Ooc: special talent the sonic flaring fire boom
  11. IC: "i am unfamiliar with the fellow."
  12. Ic: did they find anything.
  13. ic "where do we search for luna?"
  14. Ic; what about the other marenite Ooc:sure
  15. Ic: damn! it got away. Oc: i presume cursing is aloud but to a certain degree.