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  1. Can't really say I'm a fan of high school drama.... hint hint

  2. Gonna be honest, I don't really care for the whole "Equestria Girls" thing. But that's just me :p

    1. Sonic Rain

      Sonic Rain

      I like My Little Pony, not My Little Human...But what kind of brony would I be if I didn't give it an open minded try?

  3. Fair enough. Tempted to edit it and then say "But I did use 'e.g.!'"
  4. People who use i.e. when they mean e.g. and vice versa. That's the correct usage, right? Right?
  5. People who use i.e. when they mean e.g. and vice versa. That's the correct usage, right?
  6. I.E. Ronaiah Tuisasopo who catfished my favorite athlete (who, all respect to him, is not the brightest fellow)
  7. Anything that depicts Applejack negatively or OOC, as well as Applejack shipping
  8. Conspiracy theories are raging

    1. Atlas


      Conspiracy Theories are ALWAYS raging X3

  9. "The government is responsible for the explosion" An actual quote from someone I'm "talking" with

    1. Friendship Gentleman

      Friendship Gentleman

      don't forget 9/11 and the faked moon landing

    2. Crooner


      I forgot to mention this quote does not come from the "Aliens" guy

  10. A coward or a hypocrite? Goodness, I am not calling you that by any measure. I'm sorry if that's how you took it, there certainly was nothing remotely cowardly or hypocritical in your post
  11. The bible certainly teaches that certain actions must be hated, but it teaches quite the opposite with individuals, even the groups you mentioned. That's where the phrase "hate the sin, love the sinner" comes from, as well as the famous passage where Jesus saves the woman caught in adultery, the whole "love your enemies" thing. You can disagree with what you think is right and wrong, certainly; but some things, like murder, most people here hopefully "hate" murder. However, we hopefully don't, at least to the extreme, hate the murderer. I agree with Coffey, this thread is not about religion. All I ask is that you respect all people's feelings, even if you don't share the same belief system as them. I completely understand this is no place to preach or get in fights; but if I feel I'm being misrepresented, I feel the need to correct it.
  12. As someone who studies the history of Christianity, I must say, no disrespect intended, that this is quite false. There has never been in history a group of Christians that preaches anything close to what Westboro Baptist Church teaches. The one group that could maybe (and this is a stretch) be put in the same category would be the Puritans from the 17th century (the witch burners), but even they disagree with a lot of what WBC teaches. WBC believes in almost nothing that the early Christians believed, nor do they have a whole lot in common with most other "fundamentalists" (virtually all of which are protestant, many of of them calling themselves "Baptist" but still, many baptists are not like that). So to say that WBC follows the core tenants is not accurate, at least according to 99% of Christians since 33 AD. WBC is built off of taking verses out of context, twisting their meaning, and ignoring the foundational teachings of Jesus (love your neighbor, love your enemies, help the poor.) The purpose of this post is merely to educate on WBC, not to sound like a personal rebuke or "preaching" or anything else down that line.
  13. I'm not any good with computers, but I did manage to somehow make this and upload it Just a little something ;)