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  1. The Producer seems better in Cinderella Girls. It's probably because of his face.   And I do like the cast in Cinderella Girls better than the girls of 765 Pro. Especially Ranko, it's definitely Ranko. 
  2. The mix between 2D and CG bothered me at first. I got used to it after seeing it in a while, but it looks so bad looking back to it now.
  3. Shitty idol shows like Love Live because that's all I watch. :/
  4. ANIME

      The opening is so bad. The ending makes up for it IMO.
  5. Your day

    Usually how my school day goes:   6:30 AM - "Wake up" 7:20 AM - Get out of bed 7:45 AM - Go to school 8:05 AM - Classes start 12:20 PM - Lunch time (I don't eat) 3:05 PM - Go home 3:30 PM - Eat something 5:00 PM - Start homework 8:00 PM - Watch TV/Lay in my room/Clean up 9:30 PM - "Sleep" 10:30 - 11:00 PM - Actually go to sleep   Then repeat.   Fridays, Saturdays are completely different because I have no idea what I'm doing for those days.
  6. Nutella

    I haven't tried Nutella before. I'm scared that I'll get addicted if I try some.
  7. TF2 with Ponyville

      I have it, but I don't play it at all because it's not that enjoyable to me.
  8. MLP: Collectible Card Game

    I can just imagine Alicorns to be incredibly OP and game breaking.
  9. Activity

    I'm going to still watch the show, but it doesn't seem that enjoyable to me like it used to be. As for discussing, probably not.
  10. Where's the roleplay?

    http://forum.ponyville.net/forum/24-twilight-sparkles-library/   I think it's here, but I'm not sure. It says that it's for fanfics and roleplaying. 
  11.   Hello there. I see that you have Yuzuko from Yuyushiki as your avatar. I like you already.
  12. My Little Chat Forum

      But ShatterHeart sounds weird.
  13. My Little Chat Forum

    I want to know too.
  14. My Little Chat Forum

      But your name is HeartShatter.