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  1. Looked good. Sounded good. The climax was waaay too long. It's kinda like having to explain a joke- if you explicitly state every little detail, it ruins it. The end gave me feels though.
  2. Because Minecraft.
  3. Spike looks better as a dog, and hopefully he won't talk.
  4. http://ponymc.com/bans/player/ninjagorules Wrong section. Wrong forum. (http://ponymc.com/forum) Anyway, I'll talk with the other moderators later today about your ban. Also, fun fact, threats make you less likely to be unbanned, and make you look like an asshole.
  5. Quick, put it out of it's misery. In other news, ridiculous OCs are in every fandom. I even know a few absurd-looking orca OCs. (Yes, there is an orca fandom.)
  6. Hah, orcas aren't cannibals... And don't research that. Just trust me...
  7. You think they would care? As long as media companies give the politicians money, we have nothing. Seriously. Bypass it and let them think they're winning.
  8. AJ is not my favorite, but that picture gave me a sad.
  9. Is there a rough estimate on month yet?
  10. Arguing with the ISPs is wasting time. Let them decide on a way to screw the consumer and stick with it. The six-strike measure can be circumvented, so in my opinion, it's better to let them think they're winning than to throw a fit. Media companies won't stop until they die off and are replaced by new media distribution means that have adapted to the current state of technology. Don't give the media companies the satisfaction of you getting getting upset. And just to clarify, I don't do piracy. Never have, probably never will. But the media companies are screwing me just as much as the pirates with their corporate stagnation and money-grubbing.
  11. It appears you are preparing for Texas.