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  1. When I die, I want it to be minutes after injesting viagra whilst clutching a DVD of 'Die Hard'.

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    2. Krauser


      That is certainly a way to go. I want to go while eating a chicken pot pie. Mmm... Pot pies.

    3. Retro Rainbowdash

      Retro Rainbowdash

      If I'm in a hospital i want to die surrounded by friends and family so i can pull the whole "the treasure is buried in the... *beeeeeep*" joke on em to screw with them :p

    4. Cookie Crumble™

      Cookie Crumble™

      You seem familiar... *rubs chin*

  2. That's right, pretend you didn't get it wrong the first time.
  3. My friend, you are ON to something.
  4. I quite liked the episode, if anything simply because Discord was in it. I'm not all that surprised that it ended in a sort of 'and everything was back to normal' way, for two reasons: one, as always, it's a kids' show and two, it was neither a pilot or a final episode for the season, so no major action is to be predicted. Well, no element action, anyways. I liked the episode because it put Discord in a new prespective; in a confined enviorment, he's just a bit mischevious, rather than sadistic and it the things he says allow great speculation; the fandom will get a kick out of his loneliness. Another thing that put things into prespective was the fact that Discord's magic created passive chaos, rather than direct, so he's either way more clever tha ne lets on, or he genuenly can't be held responsible for his magic. Anyway, final point, I don't feel like the ending was too unrealistic. I mean, she didn't ask him to give up his whole Kingdom of Chaos (if he had had one at the time) and when you've been as lonely as Discord has, even just one friend can be precious, so it wasn't too childish. Especially since I could've seen things take a completely different direction. My only complaint would be how he reacted to the princess. I would've seen him far more mocking in tone if anything, or shamefully respecting, but nothing like what he did there. 'Mundane' I find to be an apt word, especially since he's called her "princess" as opposed to "Celestia" as he did before. Afternote: this probably means that Discord will probably be present next time the six visit Canterlot, if anything, as much as Luna and Cadance will.
  5. OHMAGHERD, you guys! Friendship is magic!

    1. ProjectRKA


      Here, have my friendchips. :3

    2. Xenmas
  6. I am interrupting your streak for the sake of all that's holy.
  7. The good will corrupt, the bad will save the innocent, the King with no court, this is truly the end.

  8. So, earthlings! Basically, um... End of the world!

    1. Trickiert


      Fuck this I'm going to mars.

    2. Octy
  9. I feel like life is that one really depressed guy and I'm the only half-with who tries to cheer it up.

  10. I once painted a concrete ball to look like a football, then hid and laughed at the kids who tried to kick it and got horribly hurt.
  11. I don't think he really cares at this point.
  12. Now, I don't live in the United States, so I'm not as informed as other people here, but please do refrain from telling me to f+ck off. Now, the simple reason threads as this exist is that people like to discuss recent events. If we didn't, we would just sit around in silence. But, unlike yourself, my dear ybnrmatall, I do believe opinion does matter. No matter how much power the goverment holds, it is always the people who are in control, because without a populance there would be nothing to govern. Besides, opinion is how laws are changed, revolutions are started. Now, you may return to your previous point that "then why are we helping people in the middle east". The answer is very simple: Although they would eventually win (as it happened in Lybia and Egypt and so on) but we must try to prevent bloodshed as much as it is in our power, because bloodshed will happen. You may not share my opinion, but that's why this thread exists, so we may discuss the why's in civilty. Now, as for the topic of conversation, I find it both saddening and horrifying that such things can happen. Though my knowledge and understanding of american gun laws is limited, I do understand that the Bill of Rights was signed during a time of uneasyness. Perhaps the best possible way would be to simply restrict who can bear arms as it is here, such as people with a license. It won't wipe out the problem, but it will limit it at least. After all, if we outlaw guns, americans, brits, spanish and anyone else alike, only the outlaws would have guns. So maybe only the enforcers of the law should be allowed to posess one.
  13. Eh, my own RPS often die out, so I'm willing to try someone else's. Care to elaborate?