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  1. I think I may have been a wannabe brony at some point early on when the fandom started to take off, when FiM was still new (I hadn't actually gotten around to watching all the show's episodes until much later though) but I guess I mostly just liked the pony characters because, all things considered, they're pretty awesome and have a fair bit of character depth. With the fandom being geared towards a feminine audience, it was something different from what I was used to at the time so that was fun, new and exciting for me ^_^ Nowadays though I try to distance myself from the term "brony" because I think the term has shifted to imply someone who's a more hardcore fan, who really goes out of their way to worship the fandom and joins groups of similarly hardcore devoted fans, who might design crafts outside the caliber I'd be capable of or have every song memorized or can quote every full episode verbatim...basically my level of devotion to the series honestly isn't on that level. It's not shameful to be a brony, although sometimes there are creepy people with toxic personalities who will identify themselves as "bronies"...usually those people are going through an identity crisis and they tend to be the type to start drama, they don't really define the brony fandom though...I think they just join in on it to try something different in an attempt to find themselves, really. It's sort of like "otaku" in Japanese. The actual term means "obsession" where people might get a little too far into an anime fandom, that they might even start to get disillusioned from reality and exhibit odd behaviors, though in some cases their devotion can bring out a phenomenal creative side, to the point where they can even make news headlines. Well, either way, I'm an anime fan, and I like vidya games and I enjoy watching the MLP cartoon and like the characters, but I'm not really an otaku or a brony... ^^' Going full dive into a fandom just isn't my thing I guess lol. But if it is for you, if you feel it's who you are, you should embrace it! Always embrace yourself and who you are. It's a good philosophy to live by :)
  2. I'm on Twitch! I mentioned my Youtube in the first page of this thread, it's but I rarely update it anymore. I might decide to post some Twitch highlights to it eventually though, maybe. We'll see :3 So far I find streaming to be more fun overall than doing pre-recorded stuff, so please check me out on twitch sometime ^^ or follow if ya want! :D
  3. Yeah, that was a lot of fun! I already want to do it again <3 We should really like, have a set or two crafted just for me to solo SB so I don't get bored lol. (I'm Ashura Haouken in the game, in case anyone was wondering)
  4. Dyed my hair black yesterday because Halloween is coming up and I wanted to look spooky ;)
  5. Here's my FC 3797-6168-8751 I play Pokemon X sometimes. And might get Smash Bros. 3DS when I can fit it in my budget. Added both of you who posted above me :3
  6. I play Warframe! Trying to level a Kubrow lately and it feels a bit tedious...but I do like it when it claws the locks off of lockers so I can open them and get more loot :P Also I'm part of a small clan that has like all the research blueprints unlocked, and my favorite frame so far is Saryn. Miasma spam everywhere, mwahahaha :D
  7. Haven't been here in forever, so I thought I'd reintroduce myself to everypony! I'm Dez, I'm a gamer on Steam, I like anime and stuff, dislike MOBAs but love MMOs and shooters. (both TPS and FPS) I'm also secretly a vampire but I look more like a skeleton lately from not feeding enough (American blood--er, "food" gets less and less appetizing every year, I freaking swear it...also I'm not a Twilight Sparkle vampire so don't even try it. lol) Uhhh I'm really quirky and random sometimes and I stream on twitch. You might have seen me on Raini's channel if you follow her, I'm a mod there as well (though I rarely have to actually mod anyone besides the occasional random troll, because people are so nice ;-;) Oh and I like cats but I'm allergic to them. So I wear neko mimi instead and act like a cat. Or play as a cute catgirl in online games. Meow :3
  8. There is something really disturbing about how he's laughing while his car casually bounces, causing thousands of dollars in destruction on that Burnout game.
  9. Friends playing on the same team with friends all the time is kind of a "comfort zone" thing, I think it'll probably go away once everypony in Ponyville gets to know every other pony better. Personally I occasionally enjoy setting Rainicorn on fire and then laughing with everypony about it later. But that's just me. XD To be honest though, I haven't been playing TF2 a whole lot lately either. Slightly preoccupied... :x Maybe I'll find more time one of these days.
  10. I've been watching Higurashi no Naku Koro ni. The plot got me hooked, lol. It's famous for having some brutal, yet disturbingly realistic violence, psycho murders and mysteries. Currently there are 3 series of Higurashi, but there's a new one coming out soon too, I've heard. Also... I love that pic. xD Also I'm going to watch Umineko no Naku Koro ni soon too, I heard from some people that it's basically the same thing as Higurashi.
  11. Eh, what the hay. (Lol, "hay") Most of the videos I posted are from games I play or have played in the past, although a couple are anime clippings and edits I put together. My faves are mostly anime and gaming stuff too, or just random stuff that I really liked, or it made me giggle like Pinkie Pie (sometimes crazier than Pinkie...) XD
  12. Lucky Star would make an amazing live action kids' comedy. Move over, Disney and Nickelodeon!
  13. Can you believe that all three of these pictures are the same person? Random ninja kitty person Touhou character Marisa Kirisame, about to visit a local anime convention Desudesu on Steam, probably playing Team Fortress 2 or some other game Yes, they're all me. ^_^
  14. My best hero of all time would have to be ZUN. (real name: Jun'ya Ota) He's famous for programming the Touhou Project games all by himself, along with the art, music and character design. I wrote silly games in my spare time growing up, and I still do from time to time, but none have gone anywhere near as far as Touhou. Even most indie game developers are made up of a team of people, but this one-man dev team (Team Shanghai Alice, to be precise) holds his own incredibly well. If you knew me growing up, you'd understand why this is particularly inspiring to me. As a side note: Personally, I'm kind of a Marisa fanboy...and I cosplay her at anime cons. Don't judge me. XD