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  1. I took care of it now and unbanned you for a second chance. There shouldn't be an problem for an admin to just move the thread if it is posted in the wrong section and to tell the thread starter to post in the correct subforum for the next time. There also is no need for other people trying to get attention, Calzone pretty much already said it all.
  2. I unbanned you now for a second chance. Like Pinkamena said, Nazi is a offensive word in our country, especially if this is used as a direct insult. I didn't know that this was supposed to be a "joke" but even as a joke it is still inappropriate.
  3. Think what you want. Isn't changing the fact that he did it. I can tell you specific what he said and what happend if you want since I was there when it happend.
  4. I don't see a problem in killing a single scout if only a "friendly" heavy is left on a very small map where you can find him easily. Killing the Heavy gives the Scout double gravity which prevents him from jumping and you would be faster than him. Also you were already banned 1 week for insulting pretty much all bronies and raging on Whacky Races like a bad troll would do before you ragequitted.
  5. I think everything was already said to this topic so there is no need to discuss this any further. We are not looking for admins at the moment. Also making a poll about becoming an admin is pretty much unnecessary.
  6. I was in the server at the time this happend and I can confirm that Lyra acted correctly. Not only you and your friends were using inappropriate language, you were also ignoring us when we both asked you to stop. Most of your and your friends "Jokes" were just disgusting and I doubt that it made even anyone else than you and your friends laugh.
  7. Actually, I was the one who made it work that way when I rewrote the plugin to have a donator feature for Raini. The thing is: the new version has a global cooldown which prevents anyone from spamming the sounds for 3-5 seconds after the sounds got played. In the old version it had a client timer which prevented the same person from spamming but not for the other people. I can rewrite it again to have a global cooldown if you all really want it. Maybe I can even add the client timer back but I only look into that if you all really want it since the plugin (the code in it) is huge and I don't rewrite it just for 2-3 people.
  8. Type "sm_gravity @all 1.0" in the console. But if you changed the gravity via vote, only a server restart can fix it. What server are you talking about? Edit: I changed the gravity back to normal now on Cali with the cvar "sm_cvar sv_gravity". Normal Admins dont have access to cvars so dont change the gravity via vote, use "sm_gravity @all <value>". 1.0 is normal, everything below makes people jump higher, everything about it makes them jump lower.
  9. This is not a c-c-c-combo breaker

  10. I normally never win anything. Thank you very much again :p
  11. He is now banned for Griefing and Trolling.
  12. Meow