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  1. You missed the part where fascists tore our dear family apart.
  2. Chat 2 full of 0 people

    1. LOL
    2. Flaming Gator

      Flaming Gator

      Those 0 people need to get out and make room for everyone else.

  3. Chat 2 full of 0 people

  4. Chat 2 full of 0 people

  5. It's entirely possible when left handed, it just takes a lot of practice. Don't even bother trying to do it with the stylus, use your thumb instead. I eventually got good enough to get the required times on all of the challenges including the super secret training ones.
  6. 6 am: Wake up 6:05 am: Fall back asleep 6:35 am: Wake up and get ready for school/eat breakfast 7 am: Go to school 3:30 pm: Get home from school and start homework (assuming I don't decide to procrastinate it that way) 4:30 pm: Dick around on internet and play vidya 6:30 pm: Eat Dinner 6:50 pm: More Vidya and Internet 10:00-11:00 pm: Sleep 2exciting
  7. >Not Rarity The only thing bad here is your taste.
  8. #grapes4admin

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      That doesn't mean it isn't cute uggo.

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      If I wanted a cute badass, II'd catch a Victini

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      That's what your mom said.