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  1. Haha, wow, it's been awhile.

    1. Green Leaf

      Green Leaf

      I never thought I'd see the day.

      What brings you back?

  3. I'm wonder if this would be possible on this forum, as I've seen it done on others. Could we have special pony-themed smilies? Like, I mean ones that automatically replace ":)" with an image when you post. I've seen it done before, but I'm not sure how tricky it would be. I'd like to be able to type ":(" in my posts and comments and have it replaced by a sad Fluttershy face. Of course, a bunch of smiley images would have to be custom made for every ":D" ":(" "0.o" we could think of, so that would require some effort. I like doing that kind of thing, so if people like this idea, I might create a few just for fun. I guess if coding the automatic thing is undoable for whatever reason, just adding more to the smilies list would be pretty cool too.
  4. Discussion TF2 class balance! Class vs. class? Battle-engi vs. Vanilla? Are Demo-knights awesome? Discuss!
  5. Confession time! I'm a huge Sonic the Hedgehog fan. Aside from Robogaman, I'm the biggest Sonic fan here--and the court is still out on which of us is the bigger fan. I decided that I should start a topic on Sonic! Sonic is a longtime video mascot, and at one point rivaled Mario in popularity. He has since fallen from his glory, but he's not out of the ring yet. What are you thoughts and opinions on Sonic? His video game career, his cartoon and comics, or anything else relevant. DISCUSS!
  6. We've got several artist on this forum. I figured it would be cool to have an official place for commission assignments and the like. Or just plain requests--whatever works. Also, pinning this thread, as I think it's an idea that everyone could appreciate.
  7. #1. Rainbow Dash is forever 20% cooler than the next coolest pony. This is an indisputable and measurable scientific fact. You can buy a cool-o-meter at your local hardware or electronics store and measure it yourself; just remember to turn down the sensitivity as Rainbow's inherent awesomeness can sometimes fry the cheaper ones. You'll find she is always 20% cooler than any pony in her presence. That's right, if another extraordinarily cool pony, like say Applejack, walks into the room, Rainbow simply becomes that much cooler. Next point! #2. Rainbow Dash currently holds the record for Kicking Dragons. You know what that record is? "1". Yup, Rainbow is the only pony to blatantly kick an adult dragon--IN THE FACE no less. People like to mention that Rarity is the first to throw a kick in the whole show, but you know what? Dragon makes your manticore invalid. Moving on! #3. When Rainbow is doing her thing, GUITARS HAPPEN. I mean awesome rockin` electric guitars--which always make everything even more awesome! Or does Rainbow make electric guitars awesome? One of those chicken or the egg things, I guess. Maybe both Rainbow and guitars are two parts of the coolness-continuum-complex? DOESN'T MATTER. What does matter is that every time Rainbow is showing off, there are some epic guitars rifts playing. It's like her theme instrument or something. So I hope that I have achieved my noble goals of educating you all about Rainbow Dash, the only realistically best pony. Rainbow fans should now be aware of exactly why Rainbow is their favorite. And for those of you who thought other ponies were best? I hope you learned your lesson, but don't worry about it too much; We all make mistakes. Rainbow Dash forgives you. She's awesome like that.
  8. You are all now characters in a fighting game. Yes, you too--deal with it. Feel free to duke it out with other members. But nothing is valid unless you tell us the button combination for your attacks. It also helps if you yell out the NAME OF YOUR ATTACK in all caps. You know, makes it more effective. And hell, go ahead and list movesets for other members as well--if you're feeling a little mischievous. Have fun!
  9. There is a group I know who plays Dota 2--but it occurs to me there isn't a topic for it at all. Well, here it is now. I don't have anything to add myself, but I'm up for discussing it. I'd be interested in recruiting more people into the game as well. Anyone interested? Any questions about the game? DISCUSS
  10. Just to be clear, this topic is for discussion of actual dream experiences while asleep. Dreams in the metaphorical "Life goals" sense are to be discussed in the Dream Chasing topic. Also not to be confused with the Lucid Dreaming topic. I've wanted to start this topic for a long time, as it seems like many people here have regular and vivid dreams. I've got a few I'd like to discuss as well.
  11. Everyone has them. Tell us about yours.
  12. Two things have changed for me. One, I've learned that slapping people on the wrist and asking them nicely doesn't work anymore (if it did at all). Two, learning this has made me not very nice or polite about adminstering a less forgiving pusnishment. So while I certainly could (and probably should) be nice, I'm otherwise just doing my job.

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    2. Coffey


      This seriously needs to be dropped already. I know it's not good to dismiss problems, but if no one is going to take action on this crap due to how amazing Ponyville is with its admin base, the flame needs to die out.

    3. Rainbro Dash

      Rainbro Dash

      It did?

      That certainly wasn't my intention. . .


    4. Zazabar


      Neutral comment here and completely up for debate. I didn't think it was about being nice to a person or not. I was under the impression that staff normally have higher levels of professionalism in what they do. The stricter punishment is fine. But just administer it and be on the way.

  13. Damn, that felt good. We'll see if it comes back to bite me in the ass, but honestly I couldn't care less anymore.

  14. Grape flavored, obviously. no man you can't just say grape flavored That covers such a wide spectrum it could be grape soda it could be grape cough syrup it could be grape laffy taffy I hope it's not grape cough syrup I think like grape soda or maybe grape loli-pop. Then again, maybe grape wine, considering she's such a classy lady.
  15. Ever get that feeling where you want to give the world the finger and close off all your social networking accounts and regress to a state of complete hermit-ism and misanthropy?
  16. Grape flavored, obviously.
  17. Which is exactly what happened a ton to RD in Season 2. Sucks when that happens, don't it? Oh gee, you can make snarky comments about a techicolor pony but I can't? I seem to remember that we had a little mishap where someone did the same thing in a different thread and got in trouble for it. But oh well, admin biased is admin biased. Can't do nothin' 'bout it. Whose snarky? I'm just offering a vote of sympathy to Urban Zombie. Paranoid much?
  18. Time to practice my evil laugh.

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    2. Daring


      Remember to listen to the Team Rocket theme while you do.

    3. Ponargonian


      Meouth, he's right.

    4. MrsKenyon


      My laugh = far eviler!

  19. Which is exactly what happened a ton to RD in Season 2. Sucks when that happens, don't it?
  20. Like we don't have enough forum games. Rules: Provide the words to the supplied acronym in the previous post. Then give your own Acronym. And to start off with: P.O.N.Y.
  21. Sounds about right:

    1. Rad-man


      That was great.

    2. Ruby


      ^ don't you mean "G"reat? capital G man!

      First i thought this was gunna be a joke, but then it turned out to be really awesome haha

  22. No
  23. At the risk of sounding like a dick: remember when the first character art was leaked and you thought it was fake? And non-canon? And didn't cross-over with the main series?

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    2. Suitaloo


      A reckless disregard for gravity?

    3. CloudMistDragon


      Sorry about that, I hope you're able to raise up some money soon.

    4. Cha



  25. Signed. I really don't understand why region locks exist in the first place.