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  1. Well, if by in my hangar, you mean something I actually have that I can see in my Hangar then: MISC Freelancer. Otherwise I'll be flying the Caterpillar once a model is made for it. (I already own the Caterpillar.)
  2. feast your eyes on true beauty and the true way! All Hail Gaben! *bows down*
  3. Just a short little 1000 year piece is all
  4. fight tot he death with applejack... well i think i'm screwed :P
  5. well I wanted to go see EQG... but every single showing in the entire country is at 10am on weekends... right in the middle of my work shifts...

    1. Cookie Crumble™

      Cookie Crumble™

      Damn, dat is unlucky...Hopefully you can catch it in some other way? ^^

    2. Sonic Rain

      Sonic Rain

      I'm sure you will find a way.

  6. Looking for a SNES controller to play some ROMS with. Should I get a modded one that directly goes to USB or find an adapter and just get a normal one?

    1. Dollop of Mayo

      Dollop of Mayo

      Get a logitech controller that's shaped like a playstation controller, because while authenticity is nice, the newer controllers are better designed for your hands

    2. Calzone


      get an adapter. I bought a USB one, and it is shiiiiiiiiiit

    3. Ruby


      i already have a GC controller with an adapter. I wanna get into speed running a link to the past so i think the authenticity will be quite good for that.

  7. Hey man, honestly the best thing might to be just talk to her. You have these feelings and you seem to have bottled them up for quite a while. I've been through that many times and i think most of us have been through similar situations (though not necessarily the whole male/female persona thing). The sooner you directly address these feelings the better.
  8. Hahaha i forgot how much fun driving stick is >.< felt exilerating to do it again

    1. Sonic Rain

      Sonic Rain

      ....glad to know you had fun...

  9. that's awesome scython >.< i love your drawing style!
  10. giant image is giant... anyways Kabaru from Bakemonogatari is my new waifu :P sorry fluttershy, you're amazing and all, but damn is Kanbaru awesome
  11. How many ships could a shipping ship ship, if a shipping ship could ship ships?

    1. Calamity


      is this real?

    2. Screwsies


      MLP shipdom in a nutshell.

    3. Ruby


      pretty much hahaha, everypony be on top of each other :P and calamity, i have no idea. I just saw this and thought it was funny

  12. Companion Cubes are some of the most creepy and disturbing objects to ever be in a game... i am terrified of them now...
    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. CloudMistDragon


      Aww, the Companion Cube. I loved him (her?).

    3. Ponargonian


      "A mentally unstable man says he's not mentally unstable, so it's true." -Matpat

    4. Ruby


      it does make a lot of sense :P but pretty much all of his stuff screams "video game conspiracy theory" just enough evidence to be plausible, not enough to be conclusive

  13. I have bought myself a green/white starter pack for Magic... it has begun! (my losing streak that is)

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Dollop of Mayo

      Dollop of Mayo

      Whatever combo you like is best combo.

      And remember : last in, first out

    3. Rainbro Dash

      Rainbro Dash

      I think the only color I don't like is black and blue.

    4. Ruby


      i'm playing a white/green deck. Gets lots of token creatures and populates, some things for life regen, and i found an awesome card that makes my creatures indestructible for one turn to help protect me from board wipes >.<

  14. I am so freaking jealous of this. Hmmm I KNOW i should buy myself some yarn and crochet my own! And a fluttershy one... because those two are best pones
  15. so close to being done with this semester! then FREEDOM! east until the end of summer...

    1. CloudMistDragon


      Almost sounds like me.