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  1. Conniver's Kunai (S): Cake-Slicing Conniver's Kunai
  2. Just had best spy stuff ideas! The Phantom (Someone tell me a more smart - arse name if you think of one) Cloak type: Kill Sensitive (Activate watch whilst killing pplz. Works on assists maybe?) + Upon Kill, instant and silent cloak + Cloak does not show sillouhette upon contact or damage (Like DR) + User is fireproof for 1 second - -50% cloak duration (Iffy) - -50% cloak regen The Stab 'n Run + Upon backstab, +20% movement speed for 3 seconds - -25 base health - -5% speed
  3. Yeah... I decided not to get it - 2nd hands are apparently dodgy
  4. As the more fanatic portion of this fandom would say: "Hate nothing! LOVE AND TOLERATE"
  5. I was thinking of buying a friend's laptop for 1.5K Here are the specs: 18 inch 1080p gloss screen 5.1 dolby digital surround sound 16 gigs of ram 600 gig hard drive 2gig amd radeon 6850 grahics card Core i7 with 3.2 ghz boost 4 usb ports, 3 2.0's and 1 3.0 1 hdmi port 1 ethernet cable slot I can't remember the brand as such
  6. Ozy won the thread. But not the massive Pokemon battle that will ensue this thread!!!
  7. I think Woodle's idea is the best one so far... Also, I would like to help, is there still space for one more?
  8. Banned for an understanding of the concept of 'not understanding'.
  9. That would mean at 100% UC, a medic would do 225 damage PER dart!!! Perhaps (25 + 0.5 * Ubercharge%) is the way to go?
  10. Level 100 Metapod Level 100 Metapod Level 100 Metapod Level 100 Metapod Level 100 Metapod Level 100 Metapod
  11. Antagonized Sub-characters Destroy Freedom, Gaining Hitman Justice (by) Killing Lepers N.a.N
  12. Gaming Illegal Computery Jargon - Haxing, Intrusion and the likes...
  13. *Thinks of something witty to say, blank mind*
  14. Spent 4 hours troubleshooting my TF2, which recently came up with a "Memory read error". I inferred that something was corrupt, ran around verifying game files, caches, waited an hour to redownload and reinstall tf2, then realised: I JUST HAD TO DELETE MY CORRUPTED MAPS FOLDER. Most frustrating day eva :(
  15. Oh weapon ideas: The Angry Engi Wrench + +25% building efficiency (ie. Dispensers heal faster, Sentries fire faster, teles recharge faster) - -50% building health - -25% construction rate No fancy name atm Stickybomb launcher + +20% damage bonus + Upon detonation, chain - damages enemies (ie. damage is transferred 'through' enemies) + Medics lose 20% ubercharge - -75% explosion radius - -50% bomb deployment number