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  1. Well I had the chance to read My Little Dashie. SO MANY FEELS. ;_;

    1. Sonic Rain

      Sonic Rain

      Such abeautiful, but sad story TT_TT

    2. Jack-Pony



      For recovery...

  2. Would have to say Nightmare Moon. It's basically what got me in to MLP to begin with. lol
  3. So I'm playing Ranked LoL with a bud, we had a better team comp but we had 2 people complaining the whole game and they initiated bad team fights. Why don't people get along. @_@

    1. Owonyc


      Some have bad days and some are just like that

    2. Starabella


      Sadly that's how human nature works. If only we were more peaceful.

  4. A dream with ponies and DBZ characters. Extremely weird.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Racquerr


      Oops, sorry about that...

    3. Dollop of Mayo

      Dollop of Mayo

      Next time on Friendship is Magic, Twilight Sparkle continues to charge the Elements of Harmony Bomb while her friends who are arbitrarily much weaker than her get the shit beaten out of them by Discord! The attack takes five minutes to charge, so we've got at least 3 more episodes ahead of us! Look out for repeated cutaways to characters that have nothing to do with anything!

    4. Maikeru 朽木 Kuchiki

      Maikeru 朽木 Kuchiki

      Dollop you deserve a free internetz.

  5. I would honestly date Fluttershy just for her great looks and personality because she reminded me when I was little. Shy, not outspoken, and not being the big thing. And I find it bad in anyway to love a fictional character. It's like a dude talk about his fantasies about dating Megan Fox or whatever. People like different things and in different ways. I wouldn't mine if they were Anthro, a Equestrian Pony as they are already, or humanized I just wish to be those type of forms if I was. But if there was ever a portal to go to Equestria I would like live there and be out of the hellhole called Earth.
  6. I have to tell you guys something before I go to bed. You bronies are so fucking awesome I wish I can make a huge ass mansion for all of us to live in. Way too much though lol. Anyways you're all awesome in every way. Anyways night everypony. BROHOOF

    1. nope


      Good night!

    2. Suitaloo


      that would be awesome! it would be just like full house! can i be joey?

    3. Maikeru 朽木 Kuchiki

      Maikeru 朽木 Kuchiki

      Yes you can be Joey. XD

  7. Wish not have a game of LoL where people "magically" disconnect. @_@

  8. Welcome! And you're not a horrible spy you kinda kicked my ass. XD
  9. Watch this video and try to name all the Video Game Planets.

    1. Easygoin'Engie


      Huh, I actually guessed almost all of them. Thought I'd miss a lot due to being a youngin' to be honest. (course some were extremely obvious)

    2. Maikeru 朽木 Kuchiki

      Maikeru 朽木 Kuchiki

      Nice, but hey we start gaming anytime. Classics didn't leave the building that easy. :P

  10. Cuteness.... so overwhelming. D:

    1. Dollop of Mayo

      Dollop of Mayo

      I would've put bunny ears on the chicks too. And the bunnies.

    2. Kuni


      I think I'm gonna die of diabetus

    3. Maikeru 朽木 Kuchiki

      Maikeru 朽木 Kuchiki

      Cutness Level: OVER 9000

  11. So yeah, one of the Brony threads on just got massive amount of troll and all we bronies do is reply "I love you. :)" We're such nice people. :3

    1. nope


      That's awesome haha

    2. Flare Tumble