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  1. Chat sure has been pretty sad lately. New commers flee at the sight of the word Hi.

    1. The_Mr_Kumar


      >they haven't done that for the past year or so

    2. LethargicGamer


      Not even implying it. A lot more noticeable when there is a complete lack of other people in the chat.

  2. Looks pretty great. I would imagine some shading on that would make it pretty sick.
  3. My cat just showed up in my garage after be out for more then a day. Happy he is back, still upset that he got out.

  4. http://youtu.be/RQ6VStjxhBs A pretty good mashup with Busta Rhymes and Gerudo Valley. Cursing and etc in lyrics so heads up.
  5. You wouldn't be donating to him, you are donating to his "team" setup for extra life.
  6. Sure. No, but by far is one of the more chill "popular" league streamers/youtubers. So is cool in my book.
  7. Oh cool, foxdrop cool dude.
  8. Ya could also do it in a written journal type update with screen shots if able to get good ones, first impressions what the crap they were handed when they started up the save, thought process while playing, etc. That way the people who aren't as good at thinking on their feet can flesh out their experience afterwards.
  9. I play Crusader Kings 2 on occasion. Nothing like spending 30 years to get a claim on a nation.
  10. The first fight with Alma in the monastery in Ninja Giaden. I have no idea if I was just having a bad week when I played it or what, but that fight took me a few hours to do that and had to walk away multiple times.
  11. So I happen to have gotten 5 75% off Total War Shogun 2 cupons on steam. If anyone is interested let me know,

  12. Honestly, this plot setup sounds like most not-normal-person in school/work. Alien from space, kid is a robot, person has magic powers getting caught in "crazy" situtaions they aren't use to. Only difference is it is now "attachted" to another show. It honestly would sound worse to me if they did the same thing but all the characters were changed.
  13. Because Clop games don't atempt to get showcased at a major event, like EVO.
  14. Because they are the vocal group? People who don't like things tend to be the loudest within a fanbase.