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  1. Link Here's a segment of my previous video, Twilight Sparkle's Best Moments, to serve as a sample of the whole thing. I plan to release a Rainbow Dash video soon.
  2. Hard to decide. Most of them have something really special. Winter Wrap Up, At the Gala, Art of the Dress, Find a Pet, Smile, Cupcakes, the opening theme (regular and full)... I don't have them in any particular order, as there are times I listen to one more frequently than the others. I'd say Winter Wrap Up and Smile are tied. Find a Pet features cute Fluttershy and a funny ending with only their mouhts showing. Art of the Dress is exciting (which I wasn't expecting from a song about making dresses), especially in the beginning and at the end, from "all we ever want is indecision".
  3. Hi there. I made a compilation video of Twilight Sparkle's best moments. Let me know what you guys think. Link