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  1. black licorice is so good

  2. Once there was a place called New Jersey, where the connection between players were strong, then it started falling apart and higher-ups had to intervene..
  3. Oh, I haven't been on the server to test and see yet, but if you guys still use the old sounds with the background noise and music, I can help with that. Scroll Down, you'll find every episode with no background music or sounds.
  4. If I can get everything working again, Jug did ask me to do things for the models along with him.
  5. Everything is becoming more positive for me now...

  6. I just realized I've turned into a macho dick lately, I really need to stop, but now it's grown to me, halp! ;-;

    1. Dollop of Mayo

      Dollop of Mayo

      here take these estrogen pills and watch this blu ray with a full season of golden girls

    2. Ponargonian


      No, no nonononono.

      Well a little.

  7. OCs

    Oh look, an OC that I actually like, that's very rare. Good job.
  8. Beautiful, just beautiful Johnnyboy, fapping material indeed.

  9. OCs

    So... What is YOUR definition of an OC? I don't see many "Original Characters" anymore due to Generic colors to Generic recolors. So, what do YOU think about OCs, and if you were to have one, how would it be? Come on, do tell.
  10. That wasn't that Simple... honestly.. it kinda (Rain)ed on people's parades now.