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  1. well i feel like... crap, that's right, crap

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    2. Sonic Rain

      Sonic Rain

      that doesn't make me not want you to be happy any less...still, if you wanna talk about it...I will always be here...

    3. Cookie Crumble™

      Cookie Crumble™

      I'm sure you've forgotten about me sometimes *sigh*

    4. CharacterUnavailable


      Never x, i just cant get online like i used to. What with school and all

  2. *Sings her song and does a dance*

    1. Cookie Crumble™

      Cookie Crumble™

      *Hums his song and noms on a cookie*

    2. Chief Wolfee

      Chief Wolfee

      **Sings fallen angels and plays guitar.**

  3. My audition for "The Voice" is a week from sunday. so EXCITED! and anxious :))

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    2. Peace


      Don't really know who you are, but wishing you the best of luck ^-^

    3. Chief Wolfee

      Chief Wolfee

      I hope you do well, i would do that but me shy, but i wish you the best of luck.

    4. CharacterUnavailable
  4. My audition for "The Voice" is a week from sunday. so EXCITED! and anxious :))

  5. (what's necro?)
  6. To my American friends- Happy fourth of July! to all my other friends- Happy Wednesday! <3

    1. JustANerdyBrony
    2. Daring


      hooray I could care less

  7. I feel alone everywhere. Noticed tday at church that when i feel alone i sing to make myself feel less alone. then i slowly fade off and watch the happy couples walk on by. *sigh*

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    2. Pencil Doodle®

      Pencil Doodle®


      Don't feel that way, i'll always be here for ya'

    3. Chief Wolfee

      Chief Wolfee

      Oh dear god...well rina you know that we're all hear for you...**Small, yet shy, hug...**

    4. CharacterUnavailable


      *hugs everypony back* man i love you guys :)

  8. That is so cool, i love her mane. no cutie mark?
  9. Good mood day! <3

    1. Ruby


      yay :) good mood day is good

  10. *is slowly backing away during this whole ordeal* *whimpering noises* This is terrifying, please tell me it's not real please......... please, please please please
  11. That makes me nervous... I don't know if Her Highness Celestia would approve of me being here.........