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  1. Hello everypony, I'm Ep1cP0ny, I'm from Florida, (still there :D) but I am a major gamer, love to meet new people and play with them. I started getting into ponies when I was playing games and I walked out of my room to find my little sister watching it :D and I can't get off the show since. I got here while trying to find servers with MLP based custom maps, and I'm glad I did. Because so far from the seems of it, all you fellow ponies are VERY talented and great people, can't wait to meet some of all you on the TF2 server :D
  2. This....... I don't know what to say........It's........Words Can't describe it. But anyways, what program do you use?
  3. Hey Everypony, I'm new here and wanna play on the custom maps that are from this sites servers. But I don't know how to place the map files in the tf2 files. So, If you can help me by giving me a nice To Do List, That would be amazing :) Thanks, Ep1cP0ny