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  1. Obama related status updates will soon re-commence I hope you are all as excited as I am.

  2. Hmm just found out obama is gonna be in my neighborhood today less than a mile from my house coincidence? i think not.

    1. Haze


      you trashtalked him in TF2, now he's keeping his promise to settle it IRL

  3. Come join the Throjo by Cyrate The Third Party iG worshiping dojo of fun and anger. I teach you how to play 3 Asian Doto heroes and the secrets of throwing games when it really matters.
  4. Slightly obsessed with Half Life Speed runs.

    1. Ponargonian


      Speed runs equal shit runs.

    2. Cyrate


      at least its over quickly

    3. Daring


      Speed runs = what the fuck just happened runs

  5. People who think the world and its morals are relative.
  6. "Funny you showing up on this day in particular." I hope you all know If this is a ruse which it most likely is I'm going to ban all of you and go on a killing spree
  7. #DestroyPonyvillenoSweetieBellemodel

  8. Thank you for apologizing I just want to let you know there are still some good admins who try to do things for the servers although they are far and few between. A big issue is a lot of the admin base is no longer active on tf2 which I worked with Raini recently to try and clean up some old accounts. The other half is that a lot of the admin base is super try hard and don't normally go on VSP servers which is why Dashy had a few of his own admins which seem to have vanished. Another thing assuming the Garry's mod admin you are talking about is Simple .. Who is one of the top people in the community so of course they would have a say Just give things time it tends to fix a lot of issues.
  9. That was me who hit the wrong button and accidently silenced them if you got a beef with me over hitting the wrong button we can discuss this like ponyville admins do and arm wrestle it out. I knew I hit the wrong button and immediately after fixed it. Your snarky attitude on the server had not contributed to my changing it.
    1. TheGreatJug™


      btw F-Stop is Portal 2 before Portal 2

    2. Katana


      Ugh...database entries? This sort of batshit wild speculation is why Valve doesn't announce shit.

    3. Ponargonian


      It is funny to me.