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  1. I'm going to stay away from next season entirely - to be honest, I haven't even seen the last 2-3 episodes of season 3; it was just going downhill too much. (And I certainly haven't seen that fanfiction-movie that was in theatres) That said, in reflection I think many of my laughs have come from material outside of the main show, so I'm not about to stop making references or enjoying referential jokes. In my mind, the show simply ended, but ended on a decent node. I kind of just wish more people treated it like a simple cartoon with no intricate storyline. There's really nothing wrong with simple.
  2. Well, congratulations for experimenting in the jungles of the unknown I guess. Even on a locked-down device like an iPad, I'd be kind of concerned about visiting shady websites like that.
  3. Well, kinda surprising to see no replies to this yet. I didn't really ever know you so much myself, but no hero deserves a lonely return. Welcome back!
  4. Now I'm imagining Heath Ledger laying this down in that kitchen in The Dark Knight.
  5. It's difficult to help you pick a specific one, but this may help you narrow it down: http://www.newegg.com/Product/ProductList.aspx?Submit=ENE&N=100006740%20600029658%204022&IsNodeId=1
  6. If this is your first foray into gaming computers, then I should probably make sure you have heavily considered building a desktop, or even tuning up a barebones computer (half-built, just needs one or two things added on for gaming), rather than getting a gaming laptop. I can try to point out a number of the reasons: A laptop's small size means that no matter how advanced it is, gaming results in heating problems. Some laptops handle it better than others, but it's still usually something to think about. For one, this means it's going to be kind of uncomfortable, especially in these summer months, especially if you put it on your lap. Two, mismanagement of it (ie, super-long gaming sessions) could cause little bits of damage over time to the laptop. This leads me to point two:In order to repair a laptop past its warrantee, you plunk down $800 and buy a new one. This is not the case for desktops, as usually you can discern the faulty part and get a new one. (You may spend as much as $300 on a new graphics card, but it's definitely better than replacing the whole computer)Laptop versions of processors/graphics cards tend to be powered-down from their desktop counterparts. The GTX 650M (M for Mobile) is not as powerful as the GTX 650.Building a gaming PC isn't quite as hard as one would be lead to believe. The hardest parts are connecting the CPU, and attaching case connections (power button, etc) to the motherboard, but carefully following directions will get you through that. If that's too much for you, a "barebones" or "starter kit" PC has each of those built-in, allowing you to add on the few parts you'd need.There's a lot of markup on pre-assembled components, so you can save quite a lot of money by building a PC yourself. I'd say $500 or so would easily be enough to build something capable of running Crysis.If that spiel is too much for you, I can at least recommend the laptop range that I went with. The Lenovo Y480 has been pretty good for me; it's not an enormous screen, but I don't mind my laptop being a bit more portable, and I believe it's inside of your price range. The Y580 is more powerful, but I think it's above the $900 you have even at its minimum. If you want to try looking for your own laptop on, say, Newegg.com, the main thing to focus on is the Graphics Card, or GPU. The most basic principle seems to be to focus on the second number. If you see ith as a GTX 650, this means: 6 is the series number - every year or two NVidia develops a new chipset series, making the whole line a bit more efficient. 5 is the model number - so 2 might be a meager graphics card for basic 3D rendering, 5 is a midrange gaming card, and 7/8 is an enthusiast's model. 0 is there for...I dunno. This would mean a GTX 720 is likely not nearly as powerful as a GTX 680. The AMD cards may even follow a similar format. Hope all that helps, and good luck!
  7. Doesn't matter to me. If a guy gives you toys, and you use those toys to beat people over the head, they can take away those toys.
  8. OK, considering this thread might have existed and no one would have read my specs anyway, here goes: CPU: I pay a poor Malaysian child to process numbers for me Memory: Can't remember RAM: An Eastern Charging Goat, domestically-raised GPU: I use Windows Azure cloud processing for my GPU. The latency is absolutely great, and in this day and age it's unthinkable to be unconnected to the hivemind. OS: Windows 2013 Antivirus: Super-Plus Antivirus Funtime Yes 2014 Sound Card: 4.5mil OTG Ghz 1000+ Overclocked Real-Time SCU (for hardcore Blind Gamers). Display: "Remembrance", A 28" canvas abstract pointillism by J. Dean Claud, art student, valued at $0.25 Hard Drive: Yes. Soft Drive: No. Squishy Drive: Yes, last time I checked. Power Supply: Shinra, Inc., MAKO-MAX 837c
  9. A.R.G. Three letters. 3.
  10. Well an ARG would definitely be their style. But how on earth did they put out such a huge update for the game, breaking its playability for any new & current players, just for said ARG? If you ask me, that's a little too obvious of an ARG-starter, even if its other elements get more complex.
  11. The Heavy is swinging her around like a lasso. He also stole her hat.
  12. I spent half of today on this, to be my new YouTube channel art. The idea was to have a requisite thin rectangle in the middle that can be used for desktop/mobile, and still have interesting stuff around the outside. Since it's a bit too big to put in a thread, here's the final thing, as you would view it on a big TV. http://ablanknotebook.com/miscfiles/ytposter_complete.jpg
  13. I have a PS3, and heard lots of good things, but I just have many natural compulsions against buying a game close to its launch day for such a high price. Maybe I'll eventually go for it. Funny enough, I still haven't played Journey. I was actually a bit bored by its demo.
  14. Actually, here: http://mashable.com/2013/05/22/xbox-one-kinect-heartbeat/ I'd argue heartbeat is more impressive. Anyway, facial expressions were specifically listed. To be honest, some PC software can do it just with a webcam.
  15. I think I could see some benefit to Kinect being mandatory. Like DS or Wii features, they can add some interesting things to the game knowing that all users can support those features. BUT, there's no compulsion to make those the only features, like all those lame Kinect-only games. This might sound a bit creepy, but imagine an emotionally-charged story-based game like Spec Ops: The Line that, during a critical story-based cutscene, has a character react to your expression; your own expression, outside the TV. It would, of course, bring up more Big Brother articles, but even people like Gabe Newell have expressed interest in how that sort of thing might play out in interesting ways. I also kind of think a lot of people will get used to smugly walking into their living room and announcing "Xbox On."