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  1. I can't believe this place is still around. Even as I've moved on to other sites, I'm happy to say that I did enjoy my time here for the most part.

  2. It's coming towards the end of March. For the curious, the spoilers in the video are this... SPOILERS: END SPOILERS Love what I've seen so far, especially considering how soon they're getting it out.
  3. And now I will play The Waiting Game video games until it comes. :)
  4. Shocked to not see Lavender Town posted.
  5. Yeah, I remember first learning about that from this. I like Weird Al too, so hooray.
  6. Many months since I last posted in this thread... I have myself a copy of Pokemon Red and a copy of Pokemon Black. May the Pokemon gaming ritual commence soon...
  7. *saves images on computer* Ferb, I know what I'm going to do tonight.
  8. To my surprise, I loved it, and I'd probably even go as far to say it's one of my favorite episodes. So many memorable moments, and I like Flutterbat even better than Flutterhulk.
  9. Somewhat to my surprise, I thoroughly enjoyed it.
  10. My favorite Yo Mama joke of all time.
  11. Ponies the Anthology III was just great, what with all the excellent visuals, dubs, and Gmod shorts. That freaking OC drama parody killed me. :P
  12. This episode made me feel like I was watching Regular Show. It was good.
  13. Like Corey Powell, Josh Haber did a good job for his first episode. I liked it.
  14. At least this meme is actually adapted from something in the premiere unlike Gak. :P
  15. That was pretty good, I felt that it was a nice improvement over The Crystal Empire (which was also good, but left me with the feeling that it could've been a lot better). I thought the twist at the end was hilarious, I was not expecting .