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Status Updates posted by CloudMistDragon

  1. I can't believe this place is still around. Even as I've moved on to other sites, I'm happy to say that I did enjoy my time here for the most part.

  2. ".....Why do I have the strangest feeling that Celestia and Luna are going to die in the season 4 premiere? >.< It's so weird..." A status update I deleted yesterday because I thought I was just being stupid. And now...

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    2. Ponargonian


      That looks like it's going to be the one where Twi goes back in time, so probably no dying.

    3. Haze


      goes back in time and kills their parents

    4. Rad-man


      There's a more powerful force keeping them alive though. Hasbro's toy department.

  3. finally happened. The last part of Turnabout Storm aired today. :D

    1. No Name

      No Name

      Good, I think it's time for me to start watching turnabout storm.

      I only watched the first episode.

    2. CloudMistDragon


      Please watch more. Like the stuff it's based off of, it takes a while to get into, but once you're into it, you are on top of the world.

    3. Flaming Gator

      Flaming Gator

      I clicked the link as I was watching it.

  4. Man, it's been so long since I've been active here. I've made more posts on MLP Forums now.

    1. MrKenyon


      Clearly you should be ashamed of yourself.

  5. Failed my driver's test today...

    1. The_Mr_Kumar


      Was it your 37th time, Mr. Squarepants?

    2. CloudMistDragon


      38th, actually. JK, it was my first try.

  6. I feel like an old man on his death bed asking himself "Where did everything go wrong?!" right now...

  7. Any pony want to hear a joke?

    1. Ponargonian


      It is common knowledge that irradiated cats have 18 half lifes 3.

    2. Sound Wave

      Sound Wave

      Knock knock.

      Who's there?

      Open the fucking door.

    3. CloudMistDragon


      Why did the chicken cross the road?





  8. I walked into the manga section of Barnes & Noble today, and to the right of me, I saw some comics on the shelves. Normally I just see stuff for The Avengers and Halo but today, I saw a comic for MLP:FIM. I should've bought it. :D

  9. I haven't made a post in forever...I seriously need to go beyond status updates.

  10. Is it bad that I've been enjoying my internet life far more than my real, personal life recently?

    1. Calamity


      That's my life since 6 years.

  11. Just finished watching Dusk's Dawn. Good Luna, that was hilarious.

    1. Krauser


      Oh dear Celestia, I regret looking that up. The voice acting was absolute shit (although the song within the episode, not the crappy aviators cover intro, was pretty good) Not worth the 20 minutes. Also: lol, shitfit in the comments.

    2. 54645634564564564564564564
    3. CloudMistDragon


      I feel like the only one who thought it was so bad it was good. :P BREEZECHASER IS MY HERO.

  12. I feel sorry for MandoPony.