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  1. this is a fun little simple forum game I've played what is the person below you's avatar saying?
  2. tthis is mah wall paper!
  3. i've been wondering this for awhile and I still dont know how Bronies is said. Is it Bronie=Brownie? or Bronie=Bro+Ponie?
  4. tied with , , and
  5. hey! sound clips! ep 1 rainbows laugh 10:17 and ep 2 rainbow's are you a spy! 2:08
  6. Well, i was watching Smooth jazz nyan cat, and saw (all caps) ROCK NYAN PONY , and it was nyan rainbow dash, then i saw 'PONIES The Anthology' wich was FUNNY soooo i saw the first episode. Next thing i know im 'google'ing MLP FiM Season 2 ....(i hate the word 'Bronie'!)...
  7. Nyan Cat Smooth Jazz Cover...